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  1. tglazie

    Aldabra Tortoise 12 inch juvenile

    Hi guys, Tom here. I have a 12 inch aldabra tortoise juvenile up for sale. $3000. Eats nonstop, has the usual juvenile aldabra hatred of all humans, though I personally think it doesn't hate me anymore, just doesn't like me very much. It likes climbing the rock outcropping in it's...
  2. tglazie

    Need help (dragging legs)

    I don't know how handy you are with tools, but building a predator proof outdoor enclosure is relatively easy. Some wood and some predator wire goes a long way. Outdoor time for tortoises, however brief, is immeasurably beneficial. From the pictures, I see nothing wrong. Sure, a touch of...
  3. tglazie

    Pond plants for turtles in Texas

    No, never had to use it. Didn't even have it hooked up to the chimney. I had it out in my shed collecting dust and cobwebs that I had to clean off in a hurry, after lugging it back to the house through the slick ice and snow. Luckily, I had lots of sticks and proper logs from a tree I'd...
  4. tglazie

    Wanting to adopt juvenile or older Sulcata or Leopard in San Antonio, Texas

    That would be crazy if he was still available, but huge because it was seven years ago. I wonder if anyone has ever responded yes to an inquiry on an ad so aged. I'm almost positive the answer is no, but stranger things have happened. T.G.
  5. tglazie

    Mulberry tree - want

    Do you know someone with a mulberry tree? You can take a few cuttings and attempt to clone them. Just research clone tree in youtube. But yeah, if you know someone with a mulberry, ask them if you can clip some branches. Spread mulberries all over my property doing this. Turn one tree into...
  6. tglazie

    Tortoise egg

    Ensure that the ground in the outdoor enclosure is pliable, easily excavated and holds it's shape. May want to amend the soil with something to give it structure should this be an issue. And watch periodically to see if she starts digging around. Most species of tortoise I've bred...
  7. tglazie

    When Is It Table Time?

    Always aim for a larger enclosure once the animal passes the four inch mark. If you live in Canada, and you don't keep this fellow in a tortoise room of his own with maintained high humidity and relative high temperature, then I would advise a closed chamber. Just remember, the larger your...
  8. tglazie

    Pond plants for turtles in Texas

    Thank you, you as well. Business has been keeping crazy hours. Always want to get back into posting, but what we want and what can be done can be different things. Anacharis and java moss are legal, but they don't survive the winter. We had a pretty harsh one this past February, with power...
  9. tglazie

    Is Aesop Male or Female?

    The animal is too small. Impossible to tell. Everyone here is guessing. Take it from someone whose raised over thirty of these beasts. They are the single most difficult Mediterranean tortoise to reliably sex. Perhaps I'm cursed, perhaps it's the nature of the species, but I've found most...
  10. tglazie

    Pond plants for turtles in Texas

    Hey guys, I was curious. I live in South Texas. I have a pond with three western painted turtles. I've put a few lilies in the pond, and they usually get torn up by the turtles before summer's out. I have a lot of sunken wood and split terracotta pots, fun places for the turtles to hide to...
  11. tglazie

    Radiateds doing well. Also an aldabra.

    Apologies for the late reply. Don't post on here as much as I used to. I maintain strict separation between species. One half of my rear property is devoted to marginated tortoises, the other to the rads and the aldabra. Aldabra has her own large pen to graze in, though I will probably be...
  12. tglazie

    Climbing walls and flipping

    Sorry, just saw the pictures. Yes, far too small. Hermanns love to wander. I have a seven year old boy in my collection, and he is given the run of a seven by twenty five foot run, and he uses every square inch of it. I have an assortment of chickory, plantain, and althea growing down the...
  13. tglazie

    Climbing walls and flipping

    Based upon the limited information available, I would surmise that your enclosure is too small and/or doesn't offer enough in the way of enrichment. Easiest way to enrich an environment, in my experience, is to add plants, rocks, anything to break up the visual line of sight. Break up the...
  14. tglazie

    Greek Tortoise not eating drinking or moving

    Sounds serious enough to require the attention of a vet, if that's the case. T.G.
  15. tglazie

    When Can I Buy?

    Sounds like you need more information. Thank goodness you have this forum at your disposal. There are many on here with decades of experience who can help you. You just have to narrow down what is best for your living situation, your means, your climate, your space, whether or not you have...
  16. tglazie

    New tortoise help!

    Your tortoise needs time to adjust to all the changes in his life. This is the usual MO with newly acquired tortoises. First day, tortoise usually eats like a horse right off the bat. Maybe he freaks out and runs around the enclosure for a minute, but he's going to load his guts when he gets...
  17. tglazie

    Radiateds doing well. Also an aldabra.

    Hello Tom, The margies are great. Ten babies between Biggins and Lady Gino so far this year, another twenty five on the way, barring any dead in shell kiddos. I downsized the marginated group, so Marge and Joey were traded for the aldabra. Niece named her Smashy, which seemed appropriate to...
  18. tglazie

    Radiateds doing well. Also an aldabra.

    Thank you Bill. Yes, following the necropsy, turns out she ingested a piece of a bread tie, ripped up her insides. From what I can figure, some of the mulch I pulled from a sand and soil depot had it ground up in the mix. She must've found it when I spread it over the chicory growing in the...
  19. tglazie

    Radiateds doing well. Also an aldabra.

    Hi guys, Just a few pictures of some of the radiateds. Oldest is a 2013 born animal, youngest are 2018 born. They're all doing exceedingly well. I've got the 2013-2017s out of the baby screen covered house and into the main run. I still bring everyone indoors at night, given my paranoia...
  20. tglazie

    CBW permits in 2020

    Fascinating topic, especially regarding one particular matter. Now, unless congress decides to do something completely whacky, like outright ban the possession of radiated tortoises, then go on a radiated tortoise killing spree (as is what typically happens when the government gets involved in...