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    LAS VEGAS LLLReptile Opens THIS Weekend!

    Our huge grand opening of our new Las Vegas location is THIS WEEKEND! If you are in or near Vegas, make the drive as we will be having insane specials, FREE stuff, doorbuster deals, raffles with awesome prizes (grand prize $500 tank setup) and tons of fun. 8450 Sahara Ave STE 105 - Las Vegas...
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    Christmas in July sale is ON Right now through 4pm today online only at . TONS of stuff on sale. Can't find what you need? Get an LLL gift certificate. They are also ON SALE today only, so you can buy one of those, and then tomorrow or after, pick up what you need...
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    Black Friday This Thursday?? HUGE Sales @ LLL ONE DAY ONLY ! Specials are live to preview what will be on sale this Thursday! The animal shipping special is for anything (whether on sale or not). Thanks!
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    Black Friday This Thursday?? HUGE Sales @ LLL ONE DAY ONLY !

    Christmas In July !!! We are having a HUGE SALE on both products and live reptiles THIS Thursday ONLY from 8am to 4pm pacific time. Two examples? Zoo Med Powersun Bulbs $33 and Russian Frog Eyed Geckos for $15 (plus discounted animal shipping possibly too?) !! Also our famous discounted Gift...
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    Sulcatas, Red Foots, Yellow Foots, Leopard, Hingeback, Elongated, Box Turtles, MORE

    Here is our current list as of 7/14/2015. Make sure to check our website, as we update it every single day! Baby Sulcata Tortoises Size: 1 3/4 - 2 1/2" Species: Centrochelys sulcata CB $89.99 $79.99 each You save $10.00 Baby Leopard Tortoises Size: 2 - 2 1/2"...
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    Sulcatas, Leopards, Hinge-back, Russians, Mata Mata, Box Turtles, More!

    Here is our current price list as of 5/14/2015. Make sure to check our website for our exact availability, as it is updated every single day! Baby Sulcata Tortoises Size: 1 3/4 - 2 1/2" Species: Centrochelys sulcata CB $89.99 each Baby Leopard Tortoises Size: 1 1/2...
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    Sulcatas, Leopards, Russians, Greeks, Hermanns, Pink Belly Sideneck Turtles, More!

    Here is our current list as of 1/29/2015. Make sure to check our website, as it is updated every single day! * Baby Sulcata Tortoises size: 2 - 2 1/2", species: Centrochelys sulcata, CB Sale: $79.99 each (normal: $99.99) * Baby Sulcata Tortoises w/extra scutes size: 2 -...
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    FREE Product Shipping now through Friday!

    Take advantage of our FREE supply shipping on product orders over $30 bucks now through this Friday! Need just 1 powersun bulb? FREE shipping! And get it in time for Christmas too. See our website for details.
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    Black Friday & Cyber Monday FULL LIST HERE!

    Black Friday TODAY in our stores! IN-STORE ONLY. If you are NOT local make sure to visit our website for Cyber Monday. Sale list for Black Friday - Click HERE! (good in all 4 of our stores today, but good in store ONLY, not on our website) Sale list for Cyber Monday - Click HERE! (for our...
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    Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals - Get Ready!

    Biggest sales of the year are just around the corner... Black Friday sales will be in-store, so if you are in So-Cal, make the drive to one of our 4 stores as in-store sales will be different from Cyber Monday deals! Not local? Here are just a few of the items that will be on the Cyber Monday...
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    Current Tortoise Availability List

    Our current list as of 11/5/14. Make sure to CHECK our website for actual availability as it is updated every single day! * Baby Sulcata Tortoises size: 1 1/2 - 2", species: Geochelone sulcata, CB Sale: $79.99 each (normal: $89.99) * Baby Leopard Tortoises size: 1 1/4 -...
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    Mazuri Tortoise Food - high fiber and regular formulas shipped to your door!

    Mazuri Tortoise Diet! One pound bags are just $11.99 each! Mazuri Tortoise Diet is a high fiber diet designed for dry land herbivorous tortoises such as gophers, sulcata tortoises, and Galapagos tortoises. This diet may be used with other herbivorous reptiles as well. Features and...
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    New Turtle/Tortoise Pet?

    Like Tom said, anything tropical would need something special indoors for winter. The Mediterranean species would work well - I am particularly fond of greek tortoises, especially golden greeks, myself, but Russians, marginateds, and hermann's are all equally as easy to care for and vary a bit...
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    Tinley Park and Seattle Reptile Expo Coupons!!

    Get your animals for 10% less! Or your Supplies, or even get Powersun light bulbs at a huge discount! Click here to be taken to our show coupons - you can either print them out, or show us on your smart phone! SEE YOU THERE! -Jen
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    Perfect for tortoises - the Jumbo Tortoise Cave!

    ExoTerra Tortoise Cave - a natural looking cave well suited for your tortoises! $34.99 each Click here to check them out and order yours today! -Jen
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    Costume Contest at LLLReptile Escondido!

    Come on by our Escondido location dressed up in your Halloween costume to enter our Halloween Costume Contest! Winner gets $50 in LLLReptile Gift Certificates! Plus 2nd and 3rd place prizes! Full Details (and how to enter) here at the LLLReptile Escondido's Facebook page! -Jen
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    Sub Adult Indian Star Tortoises!

    Males and Females available! $699.99 males / $799.99 females Click here to see the full list of available tortoises and turtles! -Jen
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    Calcium - All types for all your tortoise needs!

    We all know how vital good supplementation is to Tortoise care - we have a huge selection of calcium and multivitamins so you can choose the exact supplement that works best for your situation! The tried and true favorite - Rep Cal Calcium with D3 $5.95 Outdoor torts? No problem! withOUT...