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  1. MichaelL

    Risk of only feeding Mazuri

    Just because it technically is not part of their wild diet does not mean it isn't a natural diet. Also, we do not actually want to replicate their wild diet perfectly- we want to improve it through more nutritious greens than those that are found in their home range. In the wild, for many...
  2. MichaelL

    Risk of only feeding Mazuri

    I always opt for the closest to natural diet you can do. My Russians right now have been eating lots of weeds like plantain, virginia pepperweed, florida pusley, sow thistle, cudweed, hawksbeard and others along with squash leaves, mulberry leaves, kale leaves and other garden greens. I think...
  3. MichaelL

    My baby red ear slider keeps burying himself.

    Yeah I think it is fine and normal. As he gets older he'll start to be more brave, hiding less and venturing out more. Just provide a lot of plants or fake plants so he feels comfortable.
  4. MichaelL

    My baby red ear slider keeps burying himself.

    Do you have pictures of the tank? Babies like to hide a lot so I'd think it is normal. Is he eating normally?
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    Comment by 'MichaelL' in media 'Russian'

    Sorry, for some reason attaching photos is really weird. Not sure if that worked either
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    Comment by 'MichaelL' in media 'Russian'

    Sorry the pictures were not working in what I previously posted, hopefully this should work. Shell rot: Abrasion damage...
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    Comment by 'MichaelL' in media 'Russian'

    Hi, good question as sometimes it can look similar. One way I kind of tell is that with abrasion damage you can kind of see the flakiness of the scutes and you could almost peel some off. It does not generally look fungal, is completely dry and it is not spreading. Shell rot begins on the...
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    Comment by 'MichaelL' in media 'Russian'

    Hi, good luck with your new tortoise! Russians are the best. Your tortoise just has some permanent physical damage/wear to its shell but it is purely cosmetic. Something must have happened to him where the keratin was scraped off, and this has happened to tortoises that for example were chewed...
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    Anyone know what this is?

    Definitely NOT an iguana, either an alligator or crocodile for sure. You can even see the size in that viedo, wayyy bigger than an iguana and all the features don't match with any iguanas.
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    Out of brumation!