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  1. RosemaryDW

    Frozen vegetables???

  2. RosemaryDW

    Frozen vegetables???

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    Does Anyone Recognize This Weed?

    It's a mustard. I don't know which one but there are many types, not just the tall black mustard. A tell for this and all other plants in the brassica family (arugula, broccoli, cress, kale, collards, cabbage, turnip, radish) is always going to be the small four-petaled flower. It might be...
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    Just For Fun can you identify

    My phone says golden dead nettle. A yellow dead nettle, how interesting.
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    Just For Fun can you identify

    My phone identified it for me! And a good thing because I had no clue.
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    Watercress is supposed to be peppery! Where have you found a non-peppery version lol!? It's completely fine to feed.
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    Mushrooms in outdoor pen - safe? See pic

    They aren't worth the risk. I say this as someone who is very open minded about food; pull them out. Fortunately they won't pop up unless conditions are just right so you won't need to keep an eye out for long. Get your tortoise a nice mushroom at the grocery store!
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    Having a Greek Tortoise In South Korea

    Wow, I have never heard of this plant, how interesting! Yes, it's fine.
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    South Korea Greens

    Here you go: OP if you search my posts in this thread you will find two posts of mine of two trips I took to our Korean market; you likely have way better options than...
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    All basils are fine but they are delicate compared to some other plants so maybe not the ideal choice where a turtle is going to tromp around.
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    Having a Greek Tortoise In South Korea

    Welcome! I wouldn't get too worried about not being able to match foods to any lists you see here; these are lists for North America and the UK; you're doing your tortoise a disservice if you look for only foods commonly mentioned here. Fortunately many Asian countries are more open minded...
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    Prickly lettuce??

    Welcome from another Soyhern California member! It is a chicory so yes, it is a dandelion relative. It can get bitter in the heat but if your tortoise will eat it's perfectly fine. If you're lucky your tortoise will eat some of the stem; so much fiber!
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    Wall Lettuce?

    I couldn't tell you without seeing a flower, I'm afraid. It could be something else in the very large dandelion/thistle/chicory family. Anything thistle related is fine though. So whether it's wall lettuce or another relative it's fine.
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    Are these plants safe as shelter plants?

    Meadowsweet and nine bark are both in the rose family so you don't need to worry about them. I wouldn't be surprised if your tortoise took the occasional bite of leaves. There isn't much available about dogwood I'm afraid. You'll have to use your own discretion. i wouldn't worry about the pine...
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    Can you help ID our garden weeds?

    Definitely not buttercup although I can see why someone might think so. Geranium is a dud with my Russian so I hope you have luck with it.
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    The Tortoise Chef

    Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that. :( Thank you for telling me.
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    The Tortoise Chef

    Wow, eight years into ownership and looking at my post history I have reached an "eh" level in food. She doesn't care much what I put down and really this year with work travel I don't either. I didn't want to go to the farmers market this week or last and have been pulling thistles and bindweed...
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    Mushrooms 🍄 Are they safe?

    I wouldn't leave any out; it's not worth the worry and they are easy to get rid of.
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    Can you help ID our garden weeds?

    Some of these plants are still young so I'm hesitant on a few, leaves change shape over time. My assessments are as follows: The first is very likely plantain but at this point possibly violet. Both are safe. The second is indeed some wild geranium. There are so many I wouldn't worry about...
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    Something else to plant that my Russian Tortoise can eat often

    Honestly my best advice for people who want to grow something is to just find some weeds going to seed and then "plant" the seeds over the winter by tossing them on the ground. "Grows like a weed" is a very true statement; they will always be your most successful plant. Primrose is more or less...