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  1. Irwin4530

    Female Leopard ??

    looking to add another female to my group...please let me know if you have anything available or ideas where I should be looking. thanks ?
  2. Irwin4530

    overstocked inventory thread for anybody to use...

    Pm me and I'll send it out
  3. Irwin4530

    Red foot males

    The 8". I would love to see pictures of your setups
  4. Irwin4530

    Red foot males

    I still have one available.
  5. Irwin4530


    I don't keep marginated tortoises… And I don't know much about them but this can't be good!
  6. Irwin4530

    Red foot males

    Awesome! Let me know..... They are quite different from the leopards but SO COOL! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll help if I can things three things
  7. Irwin4530

    Red foot males

    If I still have them after Christmas I may be able to meet him as long as it's on a weekend.
  8. Irwin4530

    Red foot males

    About 1.5 hours away
  9. Irwin4530

    Red foot males

    If I ever head up north I'll give you a shout! These boys would love to have some girls of their own! Ideally I just buy the farm that I really want and set up a separate enclosure for them with a few girls their own but as things stand right now that's not going to happen anytime soon
  10. Irwin4530

    Red foot males

  11. Irwin4530

    Red foot males

    I am in NJ
  12. Irwin4530

    Red foot males

    I still have two males for adoption? How could nobody be interested in these two handsome boys?? They are approximately 5 inches and 8 inches long...... Confirmed males Who love their ladies! If I had more land I would definitely be keeping them myself but I'm trying to do what's right for them...
  13. Irwin4530

    Anyone from Pennsylvania?

    SNJ.....but just outside philly!
  14. Irwin4530

    Male red foot

    Message me
  15. Irwin4530

    Male red foot

    Come get him. Outside Philadelphia. If you can Prove a good home you may take him. (6" proven male)
  16. Irwin4530

    Two boys still looking for new homes

    I have two red foot males that are still looking for new homes......reduced price to $100 for the 8 inch male and 80$ for the 6 inch male. WILL NOT SHIP
  17. Irwin4530

    New to the family

    That will be perfect for her!! What a lucky girl!!
  18. Irwin4530

    Hey :)

  19. Irwin4530

    Two red boys still available!

    I still have these two nice males to rehome...... So far I haven't had any local interest in them (other than craigslist people with no clue on how to care for them). If you think you might be interested in either of these boys and are in driving distance of Philadelphia please make an...
  20. Irwin4530

    Our awsome redfoots tortoise!!!

    How did the vet appointment go? Hope all is well with your little one!