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  1. dds7155

    Junior Seau

    Just wanted to add, the jersey is a 300 to 500 dollar by it's self ,,junior was my favorite linebacker ,,one of a kind
  2. dds7155

    Junior Seau

    i have a Chargers game jersey , signed by Junior Seau ,it's a jersey made for the chargers ,not a cheap jersey,, i got it signed a couple years after he entered the league , i have a coa from a respected company ,i been collecting game jerseys for 30 years , if anyone is interested i would...
  3. dds7155

    overstocked inventory thread for anybody to use...

    have a couple thousand Dollars I'm not using
  4. dds7155

    selling my two Leopards

    The female was hatched 9-2012 the male 4-13,, seems young to tell for the male but he is for sure 100%male ,, just trying to find them a good home ,200 for both with 3 powersuns and ceramic heat ,,they spent last summer outside ,the male is pyramiding ,i'll try to post pictures , must pickup in...
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    I read the book , haven't seen the movie ,,Unbroken is a much better read by far,,
  6. dds7155

    I have a question (tortoises in groups)

    Not being smart ,but just would like to know ,, I just saw a barn that was loaded with Aldabras ,,in the media section, do they not fight?,, I won't put my 2 leopards together cause I know it's not right for the tortoises,, are Aldabras not like every of tortoise? is space unimportant for...
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    Mine like regular mazuri
  8. dds7155

    So remember the weird noise...

    i need to edit that,, it should say 'I call one of them gas passer'
  9. dds7155

    So remember the weird noise...

    Only Noise mine make is passing Gas ! i call one of the gas passer,,
  10. dds7155

    My dog Mauled my Tort baby, HELP!!

    I would ask Yvonne G what to do till you can find a vet that really knows what to do,
  11. dds7155

    What breed puppy is this?

    It's for sure a Sooner hound ,,,sooner one kind than the other,,
  12. dds7155

    What's the deal with the name Sheldon?

    we had a little poodle for about 15 years ,his name was dog ,, spell dog real fast d,o,g, and that was his name,,
  13. dds7155

    Hybrid - leopard and sulcata cross

    I think it's wrong ,, I honestly think the only reason why anyone would do this is cause they don't have the money to buy two adult leopards , someone gives them a sulcata ,so now they breeders,, same thing when they did it with macaws,, it's wrong in so many ways ,,,
  14. dds7155

    male or female,,

    Thanks ,, learned everything about tortoises on the forum ,, i sold her today ,,to a forum member ,i really enjoyed raising her ,, I'll miss them , Health issues forces us to give up stuff ,,but I'm OK with it ,,more time to spend with the Twins ,,(grandchildren )
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    male or female,,

    Thanks guys ,i knew it but wanted to make sure , i have no idea what to ask for her , any thoughts on that,,
  16. dds7155

    male or female,,

    I would say female for sure but i really need the forum opinion,, i am going to have to find her a new home , hopefully out west , i have health problems that force me to sell her ,i have enjoyed her for three years ,I for sure don't condone passing animals from home to home , but that's a...
  17. dds7155

    Hybrid - leopard and sulcata cross

    It;s so wrong in so many ways
  18. dds7155

    What is this?

    Thanks ,,never seen one before,
  19. dds7155

    What is this?

  20. dds7155

    Help on our new site,,

    That's it,, have got to go see the eye doc! Thanks