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  1. janevicki

    Looking for Enclosure Ideas, Please

    My two girls would love a boyfriend,.Let me know if someone has an adult male MEP!
  2. janevicki

    Looking for Enclosure Ideas, Please

    What a great design! love the little lizard on the fence in the first picture too! Thank you so much for the pictures and your advise. I have been checking my garden and have gotten all poisonous plants out too. Thanks again!
  3. janevicki


    Please Abus120, Please post what you will be doing. I will be making a fence for my lovely tortoises too and trying to figure out all the details. Thanks
  4. janevicki

    Fence advice for Black Mountain Tortoises please

    Thank you Yvonne for your wisdom and experience with these fun tortoises. We are finishing up with the heated box for them and will start working on the fence. I will post pictures when I get at a decent place.
  5. janevicki

    Fence advice for Black Mountain Tortoises please

    Well my lovely girls are 10 years young and I think are now big and bad *** enough to be without a lidded enclosure. I have them now fenced with cinder blocks stacked 2 high with a lid made with wood and 1/2x 1/2" wire mesh. So I will need to put a fence up for them to keep them from going into...
  6. janevicki

    My update on my girls MEPS.

    Here is a better photo when they where young and older
  7. janevicki

    My update on my girls MEPS.

    Here is a picture of my 2 Meps that I got from Vic Morgan in Oct 2012. They will be getting a new heated tortoise house and be able to free range the back grassy yard by where I have tall clumping bamboo. More pictures to come this weekend. The first is the 2020 and the second is when they where...
  8. janevicki

    Our beloved Buggy passed away

    So sorry for your loss. It is never easy when the pass on to the other side.Take care.
  9. janevicki

    Any flowering vine recommendations? (SoCal Climate)

    I go for the grape vines. My torts love them.
  10. janevicki

    Happy mothers day guys

    Happy Mother's Day!
  11. janevicki

    Wanted: Male Chinese box turtle, Cuora flavomarginata

    Looking for a male Chinese box turtle, Cuora flavomarginata, if you know of anyone who has one, I would love to see if we can him breed with my two mature females. Thank you!
  12. janevicki

    Looking for a Male Chinese Box Turtle Cistoclemmys flavomarginata

    Please let me know if any one has a Male Chinese Box Turtles Cistoclemmys flavomarginata that they can sell or donate to me. Thank you.
  13. janevicki

    What's in that leaf, grocery and garden, published nutrient list.

    Kapidolo Farms thank you for all your posts here. So very informative!:) ?
  14. janevicki

    New sulcata pen

    How beautiful you did such a great job!
  15. janevicki

    MEP Aretha

    Aretha is beautiful growing well and love her habitat. Great job! :) ?
  16. janevicki

    Good Bye, Alex. We're Going To Miss You!

    May Alex rest in peace. :<3: ? :<3:
  17. janevicki

    Got a New Baby

    Thomas is looking good, beautiful shell. ? ? Awesome job! Kudos
  18. janevicki

    Started new build

    It is beautiful what you have made BrookeB! ?Your little shell babes are enjoying a little Heaven on Earth.:<3::tort::tort::tort::tort::tort::<3: Sending prayers your way that you get well soon. :<3: ? :<3:
  19. janevicki

    General thank you to everyone that contributes to this forum!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEROPILOT! Hope your B-Day was great!
  20. janevicki

    Started new build

    How wonderful to show your children how to build and to work together.