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    My last high tech incubator was a tray of vermiculite next to the heat light of my Ball Python...egg hatched successfully after 2.5 months.
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    New Hermanns Tortoise

    Change disrupts behaviour. Coming to a new home can be stressful. Does the tort feel heavy? A bit of time can cure A lot of issues. If your tort is heavy for it's size (a sign of good health) a week or two of sparse eating is not of great concern. If your tort is light get it to a vet if it's...
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    Sleepy tortoise

    As babies are frequently prey they hide a lot. My latest hatchling (born in late November) sleeps/hides 90% of the time. I pull it out and soak and feed, it's active for 10-15 minutes then is goes and hides. It will come out and bask occasionally, but it hides/sleeps a lot. As long as yours...
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    Spur thigh not eating

    What have you offered? I find my torts are attracted to red food so possibly try some radiccho.
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    My second successful hatch. It's name is Dietrich. Hatched 11/13/19. The photo with the tort with a flower is the mother, Jutta, the day I got her from Garden State Tortoise.
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    When to bring inside?

    My adults stay out until over night temps drop to the mid 50s. If it's going to be cold and wet they come in.
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    New to tortoises please help!

    Leopards are great, but they will get big. One of mine is over 16" SCL and not done growing. I own Hermann' s, Leopards, and Redfoots. For your situation I think a Hermann's or Ibera Greek would be best. They don't get huge and as adults can take colder temps.
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    Questions about MBD

    The tort has a bad case of MBD. Please make sure you give it UVB and some natural light if possible. It also looks like it has a lot of dried, retained skin so please soak daily. Give it a varied diet and add some calcium powder a few times a week.
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    Need to ID Mud turtle

    Someone dumped this turtle on me. I'm trying to determine the type of mud turtle it is. Any help is appreciated.
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    Group living

    I have collapsible 8'x4' enclosures I can use as needed as well as a few kiddy pools if I need to temporarily house inside/seperate.
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    Group living

    Yes I hibernate and yes I've had eggs and babies, though I've had incubation issues. I wasn't planning on more than 3 Hermann's torts, but I rescued 2, and bought a sick one that I felt sorry for (I know that's stupid) and then I needed to balance out the sex ratio.
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    Deformed Turtles and Tortoises

    This is Clyde. I rescued him and he has a deformed shell, nails, and a deformed jaw, but a lot of personality. His original owner got as a hatchling and kept in a bathroom.
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    Group living

    Yes they live outside from April through October (temp dependent). Enclosure is approx.30 feet by 12 feet.
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    Group living

    Part of my group snacking. I have 8 Hermanni living together in relative harmony, 5 females and 3 males.
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    Hermann enjoying a snack.

    Hermann enjoying a snack.
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    Feeding: variety every meal or every day?

    I switch between escarole, dandelion, collected weeds, and mazuri with hibiscus/albutilon/rose of sharon leaves and flowers when available. I don't have a schedule, just give what I have on hand.
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    Time to be outside

    Torts are happy to be outside for the season.
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    What kind of incubators do you use? In 2015 a found a ground laid egg. I put it aside meaning to throw it away as I was told ground laid eggs were duds. A month later I found the egg and candled it expecting to see a yolk mass pooled at the bottom. To my surprise it had veins. I used a heating...
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    Reputable tort authors

    Wolfgang Wegehaupt's books are great for Hermann's torts. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tortoise Forum mobile app
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    My tortoise is tiny

    It is most likely a male, they do not get a big as females.