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  1. coastal

    Multi-Family Mad4Rads Realestate

    Over the years I played with temp tests of various heat components. I ended up with just using the stanfields and no over head heat. It did not add any benefit just more heating costs. There are industrial lamps now that we tested and still not worth using but remain if we ever have extreme...
  2. coastal

    Kane Mat vs Stanfield

    Stanfield is a superior product and worth every penny. Others are not long term options, they have a plastic enclosure that will warp/crack and know for power cord pulling out = repair/replace (that’s why they sell them). Stanfield is fiberglass you can feel the difference as noted and the power...
  3. coastal

    Its a new bloodline!

    Thanks Bill, yes that was the first #1690 to hatch, the other egg hatched and will come out of the incubator tomorrow. There are (4) other fertile eggs from another clutch that should be to term in 60 days~. She produced 7 clutches of over 60 eggs, but she crushed most of the early clutches...
  4. coastal

    Its a new bloodline!

    First one to hatch from a new pair, not to shabby looking! First time breeders both sire and dam, more fertile eggs behind this one. Just hatched this morning, very promising results so far!
  5. coastal

    My First Radiated :)

    James, time to update that "5 Radiata" signature!
  6. coastal

    Outdoor enclosure for baby rads.

    This is what the product he has used appears to be to me from the photo.
  7. coastal

    Outdoor enclosure for baby rads.

    Outdoor setup has Pine Nuggets, not a debate over if you can use our not. Simply no mulch period out there.
  8. coastal

    Outdoor enclosure for baby rads.

    I would remove all the pine nuggets, how do you open the doors with the wood trim? If that is not PT wood paint it or it will rot fast. 5 will outgrow that space in a few years time. Plant grass plants for shelter/shade/hide spots. Use caution with the water dish, best to keep in an always...
  9. coastal

    radiated tortoise color?

    I have done business with Jimmy Chu, and would have no reason not to recommend him. Last I talked to him his permit did expire, he was only doing a few tortoises of higher quality and more focused on family and kids now a days. He has a few things from me. Just as a side note, the sire/dam pair...
  10. coastal

    Daytona 2018

    Please send me an email directly, I have some good options now.
  11. coastal

    Daytona 2018

    Good seeing you guys at the show, I tried to convince her you need more! We sold out at the show, but I have reserves Christmas is coming‍♂️
  12. coastal

    Daytona 2018

    Come by and see us, pick up a radiated or three. Nothing like picking out in person, show specials that will blow your mind SATURDAY only folks! The whole gang will be there, see you next weekend.
  13. coastal

    Suntanning :)

    Really nice growth!
  14. coastal

    Multi-Family Mad4Rads Realestate

    Well it has been a busy spring construction zone in the rad yard, we have the majority of the major construction done. You can follow the whole build on our Facebook.
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    What do you expect from a CNN news reject. #fakenews? LOL
  16. coastal

    Looking for radiated tortoise in So California

    Well in San Diego we used Dr. Jenkins but in all fairness he also refers allot of business to my silkworm company in San Diego too.
  17. coastal

    The rise of a MadRad!

    James, those are looking awesome.
  18. coastal

    That’s not a MadRad, This is a MadRad!

    Haha. Looking good Tyler, you will have fun watching the little guy develop and grow.
  19. coastal

    The rise of a MadRad!

    This was the last one to hatch for my 2018 (443) season. She just sure can put out some amazing things, this will be one of those special animals were know for. Now, is it a male or not time will tell!