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    Vetark’s Reptoboost for Russian Tortoise

    You are most welcome.
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    Vetark’s Reptoboost for Russian Tortoise

    Nice! So you are not worried about nutrients then. For hydration specifically I would suggest offering succulents like opuntia and aloe. That way he doesn't have anything unnecessary or not beneficial. Typically if a tortoise is eating regularly and has water available to it then it won't be...
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    Vetark’s Reptoboost for Russian Tortoise

    I prefer Mediterranean Graze supplement personally because it is specifically formulated for the specific dietary needs as Russians but many people are successful with Reptoboost as well.
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    San Francisco Bay Area Rehoming Question (not my tortoise, someone else's)

    Hi Monica I am in the Bay area myself, have many years experience with Russians and would be happy to help your friend or you in whatever way possible. The short answer to your question is that because I have the experience and situation that allows for healthy keeping of more than one Russian...
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    Help please (Not eating)

    Welcome to TFO!
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    New to forum

    Welcome to TFO!
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    Forgot to Introduce Myself

    Welcome to TFO
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    Swelling on Legs

    I agree with Yvonne this is possibly a swelling from fluid retention issue. It can sometimes be related to filter organ problems but as already noted above, there is really no way for us to be able to tell what the true issue is based on online photos. I recommend a blood panel that looks at...
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    Hi. New hermanns owner looking for support.

    Welcome to TFO
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    Hello from New York!

    Welcome to TFO! A Russian is always an excellent beginner tortoise as they are sturdy enough to tolerate us mas we figure out what is the best keeping advice. Plus I am a bit obsessed with their "tough guy" personalities. Tiny little mafioso of the tortoise world quite frankly. So great
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    Hi from UK... New Red foots

    What a wonderful offer to get! Many here would love to be in that situation. Welcome to TFO
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    Hello, a new member in Atlanta

    Welcome to you and Charlie
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    Hi, from Shell-E and her human in South East Texas

    Welcome to TFO from California
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    meet walter the baby sulcata!

    I love his name! Welcome Walter!
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    New to this

    Welcome to you and your sweet Redfoot
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    Welcome to you both! You will find many here to share your tortoise obsession with! I love my Russians
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    Hello from too many tortoises to list here! Welcome to TFO
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    New Member

    Welcome to TFO from California. I have no doubt you will enjoy your retirement if it is spent hatching baby tortoises!
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    Hello from Ontario, 20 year old Redfoot rescue attemp

    Welcome to TFO from California