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    Happy Birthday Ryan

    I’m a little late on the reply, but thank you Ed!
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    Oh no not at all. Definitely a good idea for sure! Thank you.
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    I appreciate that a lot, thank you! Most people dont run into the scammers. But Facebook has a big problem with scammers from Cameron Africa in particular. They literally work 24/7 scamming people. They pretend to be me, pretend to work for me, etc. Pretty easy to figure out though as if you...
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    You can also message me through morph market
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    Hey there, this is Ryan. You can message me here on tortoise forum, email me at [email protected] or message me through my Facebook page There was recently a facebook page with the name southernreptiles. net pretending to be me on Facebook. That is my...
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    New Tortoise Owner

    Thanks Ed. I hope you have a good holiday!
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    Lots of turtles/tortoise species ready to go!

    Three Toe Box hatchlings 1 Yucatan box hatchling Chinese Box hatchlings Brazilian Cherryheads-hatchlings to juveniles Northern Redfoots-hatchlings to adults North American spotteds hatchlings Yellowfoots yearling 1 Radiated tortoises hatchling Leopard tortoises 7-9 month Mata Mata turtles...
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    Redfoots, Cherryheads, Marginated, Hermanns, and more!!!

    Right now I have some gorgeous Redfoots, Cherryheads, Marginated, Yellowfoots, Russians, Hermanns, Radiated tortoises and more! I do local sales in west palm beach, Florida and also ship all over the continental United States. Payment includes PayPal, square (debit or credit card) or zelle...
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    Tortoises available!

    Good evening all! I have several species available, some in various sizes. Feel free to visit my website at Redfoot tortoises Brazilian Cherryhead Leopard tortoises Russian tortoises Eastern Hermanns Tortoises Central American Ornate Wood Turtles Marginated Tortoises...
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    Currently have hatchling Leopards, Eastern Hermanns, Marginated, Redfoots, and Brazilian Cherryheads. Check out what other species we have available at my website WWW.SOUTHERNREPTILES.NET
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    Surplus list of turtles/tortoises

    Happy Holidays everyone! We currently have the following available! Price does not include shipping. Redfoot hatchlings 1-1.5 months-$115.00 Redfoot hatchlings well started 4 months old-$135.00 Hermanns hatchlings 1-1.5 months old-$160.00 1 year old Hermanns-$195.00 Spotted turtle hatchlings-2...
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    Hermanns, Russians, Radiated, CA wood Turtles and more!

    Hatchling Russian tortoise-$225.00 plus shipping Hatchling Redfoot-$115 plus shipping Hatchling Eastern Hermanns-$160 plus shipping Hatchling Radiated tortoise(Fl sales only)-$1100 plus shipping Hatchling Pancake Tortoise-$425.00 plus shipping PLEASE VISIT MY YOUTUBE AND SUBSCRIBE AND SEE...
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    Turtle and tortoise YouTube content

    Thank you, I’m never working when I do what I love.
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    Turtle and tortoise YouTube content

    If you wanna see weekly episodes of all my species of turtles and tortoises as well as other animals come over to my YouTube at
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    Southern Reptiles Surplus List

    Surplus Well started leopard hatchlings. (2.5 months). Brazilian Cherryheads hatchlings and well started. Redfoot hatchlings. Hermanns hatchlings. Russian juveniles (4-5 inch). Hermanns juveniles (4-5 inch). Central American wood turtles well started and juveniles. Adult Breeder Yellowfoots. Sub...