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    My 3 year old Hermann’s tortoise has been whistling for months now. He’s not inactive or lethargic. He always eats. But he whistles when he breathes sometimes. Does anyone know what it could be?
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    Tortoise with swollen foot?

    Please help! My Hermann's tortoise has been shedding for months and months and I don't know if this is normal. but he has a foot that looks swollen and he also has some skin that looks like it's wrapped tightly around his leg and I'm worried its cutting his circulation or something and causing...
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    Leaving my tortoise for vacation

    Im about to go on vacation and I'm leaving my baby hermann's Tortoise with a friend. She has a cat though and I've gotten my tortoise a lid and some clamps for his enclosure so the cat can't get in but I still worry. Is this a good idea?
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    Tortoise doesn't like new enclosure

    I just moved my tortoise into a bigger enclosure. I put all of his decorations just like they were in his other one so that something would be familiar. But i don't think he likes it. He's pacing and won't sleep like he's just not sure about it yet. Any suggestions?
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    Gasping Hatchling

    I have a six month old hermanns tortoise who has been gasping for breath for a few weeks. I took him to the vet and they said he has a respiratory infection. So they gave him three shots and he was fine but today he started gasping again after I gave him a bath. His temperature is 85 degrees and...
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    Is this weird?

    I've had my tortoise for 2 months and he still flips over. People tell me he'll adjust after a week but he's spent two months in the same enclosure and still does it.
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    Baby Flipping Over!

    I desperately need help for my hatchling Hermann's tortoise. He flips onto his back a lot of the time when I'm home. I wouldn't be worried so much but he doesn't know how to flip himself back over. He'll just lay there. I put rocks in his enclosure so that he'll have something to help right...