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  1. Anyfoot

    Hey Craig - Happy Birthday!!

    Thank Yvonne.
  2. Anyfoot

    Coconut Oil

    @Yvonne G merry Christmas btw.
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    Coconut Oil

    Busy as usual. I’m hoping 2020 everything will be sorted regarding my house, then I can concentrate on torts again. Yvonne. I know many will disagree. But I am absolutely convinced these animals need high protein at a young age. Yes hydration too, but if I don’t feed protein they pyramid at...
  4. Anyfoot

    Coconut Oil

    I’ve tried this. Anyone out there. Try this with northern redfoots. You’ll get mixed results. Forget Brazilians. They grow smooth easily. The northern redfoots are a pain to grow smooth. I’m guessing sullies and Indians are the same.
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    Coconut Oil

    Yep. None. I’ve proved this to myself. With a group of babies you still get a degree of pyramiding. From none to minor pyramiding. I think it’s a combination of hydration and protein
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    Indoor enclosure

    I keep saying I’ll get some updated photos but never get around it. I’ve got a bit of tidying up to do and refresh some stuff. On the whole it’s the same as it was at the start, minus the plants. Plants just get eaten so I’ve given up on them. The bloody things just keep breeding if I don’t...
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    Venezuelan 'Proven' Pair

    Hello Terry. Not spoke in a long time and I’ve not been as involved with the tortoise community. They look amazing. It would be interesting if you could find out how she cared for the female.
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    Hello Ed. Only just seen this. My hatchlings usually weigh about 20g.
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    Hi all new here with 1 Redfoot juvenile just purchased

    Looks nice that. Where you got him from. Where in uk are you ?
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    Concerning mark on redfoot

    Sorry. Can’t help. It doesn’t look like rubbing to me. The light coloured area around the areola looks to be thinning. Also some of the coastal scutecare that colour in the centre of the areola. I would get to a vet ASAP.
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    Petco pyramiding

    That’s looks a nice tort. Not bad pyramiding at all. I’d buy it. The facial colouring is gorgeous.
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    Red Foot Tortoise

    How big is the tort? Use a 2” layer of moist coir, then cover about half the enclosure with orchid bark and/or cypress mulch. Use your water dish to maintain humidity levels. The evaporation will do the job for you. Add 2 dishes if need be. Do not let the substrate get over wet and stagnant...
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    New Redfoot Rojo - not sure what kind of redfoot?

    I think this tortoise has mixed breeding of northern and Brazilian redfoot. The carapace and facial morph look northern. Leg scales are sparse like a Brazilian, head coloration is of Brazilian, plastron is kind of mixed, looks northern but with Brazilian marbling. Nice tort.
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    Pyramiding – Solving the Mystery

    That one is going to be perfect :D
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    Pyramiding – Solving the Mystery

    @Markw84 Hi Mark. We’ve not spoke for a while. My life is demanding at the moment:rolleyes:. A while back we were talking about how torts can still pyramid later in life. I’m not convinced. I think there is a point where as long as the bone is strong and healthy the keratin can not dictate...
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    Pyramiding – Solving the Mystery

    You can pretty much do what you want with a redfoot and they grow smooth for first 4 to 6 months. Then things change. I’ve had only 2 that it was obvious they were going to pyramid within a month or two of hatching. All others have been smooth up until around 5 months old. I’ve tried every...
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    Pyramiding – Solving the Mystery

    Nice post. Not sure I’m understanding this last sentence correctly. What you are saying is an active tortoise has the adrenaline running and therefore a balance of fluid and mineral circulation with the higher blood flow. Wouldn’t a tortoise that is more fearful through anxiety of...
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    Shock of my life

    Hi Lyn. I’ve had an absolute nightmare with these babies. I’ve lost 10 of them now. I have some sort of virus going around. Had 1 euthanised for a post mortam which came back inconclusive. I have 2 of them separated from the other 12 at the moment because they were showing sign of...
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    Shock of my life

    It’s top soil and also gets pact down with the adults walking over it constantly. The nests are about 6” deep. Must be hard work for the babies to rise to the surface.
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    Shock of my life

    Is it this @Yvonne G ?