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  1. wrmitchell22

    Secrets of the Radi'

    RE: Secretes of the Radi' Gorgeous!
  2. wrmitchell22

    Grass Identification !

    I am sorry I can't help on the grass type, but your tort is so cute!!
  3. wrmitchell22

    Our outdoor enclosure

    I am hoping we can build a copy of your set up when we move in a few years! I love it!
  4. wrmitchell22

    New Setup!

    Hey this is in the pics sections, lol! We want pics :D
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    Another Outdoor Enclosure

    That is an awesome enclosure!!
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    Do infrared heat lamps disturb sleeping?

    Great question!
  7. wrmitchell22

    Hi :)

    Welcome to TFO, your tort is adorable!!
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    Boulders New indoor winter enclosure

    My wonderful husband built Boulder a new indoor enclsure so he will be very happy this winter! He used an old book case and an old coffee table. He lined it with a shoer curtain so I can keep the cage humid :)
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    Updated Baby Roo Pic

    So gorgeous!
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    I am so excited for you!!! :D
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    How cold is too cold for overnight lows

    Thank you guys! I will set up an inside night time shelter for Boulder and start bringing him in for the night :) [hr] Too funny, i read it the same way at first, and I was like whatever, then realized what they meant, lol! :D
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    How cold is too cold for overnight lows

    Thanks anyway, hopefully someone will get on and help me out :)
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    Tortoises Last Picnic!

    Great pics, it is sad that they have to go inside now :(
  14. wrmitchell22

    my new baby sulcata

    Great looking baby. Make sure to read Toms care sheet in the sulcata section. Definately change the bedding, I like to use cypress bark. Also make sure he/she gets plenty of sunlight and soak everyday in warm water to help with hydration. Welcome to TFO!
  15. wrmitchell22

    How cold is too cold for overnight lows

    My Sulcata Boulder has been living exclusively outside for about 2 months. He is thriving, eating growing, soing great. I live in AZ and daytime temps are in the 90's, but lows are getting close to the high 50's. I am sure their will be mixed answers, but can anyone tell me what temps they...
  16. wrmitchell22

    Eats everything??

    I am told Sulcatas taste everything, and that has been true for Boulder thus far. He usually only tries unedible things once and then leaves them a lone. One time I found him chewing violently on a piece of concrete, lol!
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    OMG! What a great picture! He/she looks so wise, like he/she knows all the secrets of the earth :)
  18. wrmitchell22

    On my way!!!

    We can't wait to see pics :)
  19. wrmitchell22

    Boulder chowing down and hiding in the grass

    Thanks :) He is such a handsome boy hehe!