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  1. Cameron

    Our Aldabras, Bigfoot, Littlefoot and Meatball

    Great looking tortoises. I have one about the same size and have been debating on getting a buddy for him. Seeing you with three of them is making me think harder about
  2. Cameron

    A Nice Story

    Definitely a cool story. Thanks for sharing it.
  3. Cameron

    Finally finished my aldabra's new home.

    I will. I’m gonna try and make more of an effort to be on here more.
  4. Cameron

    Finally finished my aldabra's new home.

    Thanks for all the detailed info. My idea for sand came from Aldabraman’s night house like you had mentioned. I’ll add cypress mulch and ditch the sand. I like your idea of the array of lights and I’ll get working on that.
  5. Cameron

    Finally finished my aldabra's new home.

    Thanks for the info. That’s why I posted pics of it, I’m always willing to learn and do what’s best for my tortoise. I’ll ditch the heat lamp and get cypress mulch for substrate.
  6. Cameron

    Finally finished my aldabra's new home.

    I haven't been on here in a LONG time. I just finished my aldabra's room and I figured I'd share. Smedley is three years old and is officially too big to be inside the house this coming winter. I build him a room inside my shop. 2x4 insulated stud walls, with two feet of epoxy shielded...
  7. Cameron

    Tortoise Forum Mobile Apps are here!

    Awesome Josh! I have had a lot of things going on lately and haven't been able to get online much. This helps a bunch!
  8. Cameron

    Sick to my stomach and a damaged shell.....

    I haven't said anything about it to the owner. I didn't actually see the dog with the redfoot so I don't want to go over there and accuse it without proof. There is a chance it could have just carried it around the yard a bit and dropped it. I look every day. Nothing. There is still a...
  9. Cameron

    Sick to my stomach and a damaged shell.....

    thanks for the info Dan. the redfoot was about 3.5" and the dog is a pit bull/lab mix. he must have been working on the hole for some time, it was in the back corner of my yard, and slightly covered with a small tree and some plants.
  10. Cameron

    Sick to my stomach and a damaged shell.....

    Ok, I have been debating with myself for over a week on whether or not to post this or not, but I need to. Our neighbors dog dug under our fence last week while I was at work. By the time my wife noticed it in our backyard there was no telling how long it was there. She got the neighbor to...
  11. Cameron

    Babysitting a friends leopard tortoise for the summer

    Hey Tana! Just saw you were on here. Glad you made it on here, great site. [hr] Don't be so quick to judge. He is very well taken care of and is pampered. He is a healthy and active tortoise with a great personality. He was kept under the same conditions that 90% of ALL leopard...
  12. Cameron

    Hello, Wish everybody luck here!

    welcome aboard man!
  13. Cameron

    TFO's Fourth Anniversary: Texas and Neighbors Get-Together

    Ok, should I post my HELL YEAH here or in the other thread? Like I said over there, depending on my work schedule, I would love to come.
  14. Cameron

    Tortoise Supply Visit

    awesome video man. good stuff.
  15. Cameron

    It's Yvonne's birthday!!!! (emysemys)

    happy birthday! hope you have a great day.
  16. Cameron

    Too Many Threads

    i agree. i try to do that with my pics of MR T. i just throw them all on on that one post. i just figured i didn't need 15 threads of him on the sulcata page.....
  17. Cameron

    Is anything wrong with my babies?

    yeah bring them, hopefully i will be able to make it. depends on if my wife has class that night or not. i would love to see those little fellas!
  18. Cameron

    Is anything wrong with my babies?

    Robin, glad you made it over here. Great info and great people with lots of experience, like I told you. Mazuri is a manufactured tortoise food, I can get you some if you want to try it. I might be able to make the herp meeting this week and can bring you some if you want to try it.
  19. Cameron

    Ukumehame Shooting Range

    Told you that FN 5.7 was awesome! Is that a suppressor on the MP or a fake one to increase barrel length to appease the anti gun laws?
  20. Cameron

    PHOTO CONTEST: Tortoises Reppin' TFO(please! no commentary on this thread)

    RE: PHOTO CONTEST: Tortoises Reppin' TFO