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  1. Tortoise

    What is the best type of wire mesh for outdoor enclosure?

    sorry this is a late reply we used stucco mesh(2 inch by 2 inch holes) to cover our 60 ft long by 12 ft wide tortoise outdoor pen.Its buried 8 inches down too and a little across to help prevent my digging species escaping (although I still have to keep a watch on where they dig) Russians:)
  2. Tortoise

    Please help with Sexing P.a.a.

    Thanks I wondered if it was still too soon.This one is not quite 100g yet. Thank you
  3. Tortoise

    CB Russian and Cherry Head Redfoot Tortoises (shipping available)

    CB in my home-Russian and Cherry head Red foot babies available. $475 each plus shipping if needed. Eating well, gaining weight-soaked daily. Shipping available -located in Manitoba, Canada Feel free to ask questions. Thanks Louise C and C Tortoises
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    Please help with Sexing P.a.a.

    Hi I've been trying to determine the sex of this little one for a year or two. Can anyone sex him or her for me please?(Sorry photos are not amazing-I can take more if needed) Much appreciated Thanks:tort::)...
  5. Tortoise

    Pancake incubation humidity??

    Hi I can't find the info in Private messages etc-maybe its in personal emails.(not sure if they are still viewable at this stage) Ill try and look but if you can repeat your success tips Cowboy ken is also eager to know what you choose to do too. thanks so much Louise [hr] Ok I did find...
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    Pancake incubation humidity??

    Thanks for the reply-it does seem that they don't need higher humidity like some species. I heard of one guy hatching a baby recently with 40% humidity.
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    Pancake incubation humidity??

    Hello I got a pancake egg tonight!! (My 2 eggs from last March eventually went bad) Hoping this one is fertile. Any tried and proven humidity suggestions for incubation? I have a incubator containing red foot eggs and they are at 80% humidity. I assume this is too high for pancakes? I...
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    Why did you choose your username?

    mine just came to me :)
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    My Diamondbacks :) And looking for tips

    Wow Mel, They look fantastic!!! Congrats on finding the groups. The tank looks amazing.Love all the out of water space too-thats really good. What is a bio reactor? Good luck with your new project!:)
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    Hermanns: Incubation

    Gary Should I incubate my red foot eggs on dry perlite too-I have them on perlite with 1 part water so far. My Russian eggs are on dry perlite though and seem to be developing so far thanks
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    my new pancake.

    Congrats Mick-she is beautiful!!!
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    I have used grassland and mazuri-they prefer grassland thus far but still prefer their greens to the other foods. I think its useful though if they eat a little of the commercial food in case you need to up their weights and its good to have on hand. Favourite food is shaved cacti pads
  13. Tortoise

    Funniest species?

    Red foots and Russian so far for me My Russian males in particular crane their necks upwards so far-- almost exaggerated to look up at you-it always makes me smile. I think too they are my most observant species and you can't sneak up on them, their little beady eyes always meet your own-so cute!!
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    Yermak the Russians Thread

    I would guess a girl for sure.My two little males have long tails compared to their size
  15. Tortoise

    Odd behavior (not eating)

    I bought a group of 6 Russians in the Spring all but 2 would eat quite well-the other two were very shy and refused to eat. I weighed them all saw losses and gains and quit weighing them as it was worrying me. Well after several mths here the 2 are just as happy as the others and I'm just trying...
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    wow so tiny like an Egyptian baby size-soo cute!!! I'm trying to be patient for my first Russian eggs to hatch(in fact my 1st tortoise eggs) I hope he or she continues to thrive for you!!
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    Breeding Russian torts

    Wow that's quite the contrast to my mostly indoors set up. Its great to see you replicate a more natural set up and have a climate you can work with. I go to the trouble of dehydrating weeds for sprinkling over the store greens and growing my own huge cacti plants that have to live indoors for...
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    Breeding Russian torts

    I have a group of Russians here in Canada.I have had them since March 2013. 2 males and 4 females.I have to keep the males apart, they are very scrappy for sure. I got eggs 13 days ago-7 of them.I see veins in 6 for sure.:) These will probably be my first eggs to hatch (also trying to incubate...
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    HELP needed ASAP (eggbound?)

    Thanks for that Mel. That is reassuring to hear! She has a 10 inch substrate depth and I popped a halogen over the area too in case she wanted more soil warmth. We checked soil temps further down too and I think all is good in that respect. Just odd to see her quiet and reserved-very unlike...
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    Breeding my 50yr old hermanns tort?

    What an amazing story-I know a 70 yr old tortoise in the UK named George who has a few wives and they are producing nicely-a hermanns too.