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  1. Blastoise

    Oral Baytril is not working??

    My Vet told me the other day baytrill won’t clear up a viral infection, only a bacterial infection. Maybe it’s a viral infection.
  2. Blastoise

    Is this a good Russian tortoise habitat

    Two of those put together is a good winter indoor enclosure. I would not be worried about the wood or paint. I used two of the zoo med boxes as a winter enclosure for several years with no issue. A lot of people are going to tell you to get a bigger enclosure, but that will be fine. Not...
  3. Blastoise

    Whats my tortoises age and sex?

    .75-1.5 years old and at this point too young to sex visually. You would have to get an endoscopy which is very expensive.
  4. Blastoise

    Testudo not eating

    When I have a tortoise that wont eat i put a cherry tomato out with lettuce around it. My tortoise will eat the tomato, they are irresistible to a tortoise, and then continue eating the lettuce.
  5. Blastoise

    Heating lamp

    I have had bad luck with the reptile basking lights. I just use bulbs from home depot now and they last longer and are way cheaper.
  6. Blastoise

    Russian tortoise always wants to be on the floor exploring

    Thats a great looking enclosure! Did you make it? Russian tortoises like to explore. He will never be content in the enclosure so you can either ignore him, continue letting him out, or build a larger enclosure. Maybe you could make an outdoor enclosure and have that be the indoor/winter...
  7. Blastoise

    Deadly water dish

    I think the water level is more important than the dish. You gotta base the water level on the size of the tortoise to reduce chances of flipping and drowning.
  8. Blastoise

    My Russian Tortoise Has Not Eaten

    Ok Ill tell you some things I have done to get a tortoise to eat. Use a single cherry tomato to lure him to the food dish, make sure there is also some other fresh lettuce like kale and romaine, those are the three things one of my picky tortoises will always go for when he is not eating...
  9. Blastoise

    How should a comfortable RT behave?

    When healthy and in large cage I’ve noticed they will walk around a lot for a couple hours a day, usually in the morning, eat and then chill for several hours by the lamp. Might walk around a bit more and eat a bit more before digging in for the night a couple hours before nightfall. If the...
  10. Blastoise

    My Russian Wants To Brumate

    I have one male tortoise that goes into hibernation mode in early September before I bring him in for the winter. I will give him a warm soak and then place him directly next to his favorite lettuce mix (kale and romaine) with a small cherry tomato in it. Works every time. He will eat but...
  11. Blastoise

    New Russian Tortoise Not Eating

    Try feeding different things. Mine love romaine lettuce the most. You could also get a small cherry tomato and put it by the lettuce, they love tomatoes. Maybe he will eat that and then eat some lettuce.
  12. Blastoise

    Will he ever stop the aggression???

    I house my two females separate from the male in the winter, but plenty of people don't. You could just let them mate and get some eggs hopefully. I think that as long as you keep an eye on them and make sure there's no wounds from biting they will be fine. He might chill out after a week or so.
  13. Blastoise

    Male Russian tortoise sexual behaviour

    I've only seen the sexual aggression when the male is around a female tortoise. Otherwise they are pretty chill.
  14. Blastoise


    I think she just wants to get back outside. I don't think there is really much you can do, they like large open spaces.
  15. Blastoise

    What Gender?

    Looks like a female, but might be too young to tell for sure.
  16. Blastoise

    Russian Tortoise Age?

    I would say 10-20. Does not look overweight.
  17. Blastoise

    New Hatchlings!

    In August I got two clutches. In the first batch 2 out of three hatched this week. I have 4 more incubating and 3 look to have healthy torts inside, Im expecting those to hatch in 2-3 weeks. I have 2 females and 1 male in a large outdoor enclosure during the summer, all the eggs were from a...
  18. Blastoise

    Hi. (not eating)

    Is the whole enclosure that warm? Mine often wont eat when its 32C outside and will bury themselves until its a bit cooler.
  19. Blastoise

    Little worms found in substrate

    If I saw that I would probably change the substrate, but thats just me.
  20. Blastoise

    My RT is a chunker!

    I have a very large female in a 6x3 bookcase a turned into a tortoise table, in the summer she lives outdoors in a 16x8 (approx) enclosure. They eat a ton when they are big, other than that care is the same as a regular sized one. The more you feed the faster they grow, maybe just watch out how...