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  1. Mochii

    Marley's Update

    One more picture! From dinner tonight.
  2. Mochii

    Marley's Update

    Hi! I actually posted pictures of Marley here when I first got him/her back in 2009. I unfortunately came back to this forum because of needing to rehome him but I will be doing my research prior to sending him off. (we're assuming he's a he). He has been spoiled rotten indoor. It's about...
  3. Mochii

    Planting and growing my tortoise's food

    Oh thanks! I'm looking at :) I looked at our edible list for tortoises and I don't see wheatgrass. Can they eat wheatgrass?
  4. Mochii

    Planting and growing my tortoise's food

    Hi! Haven't been here in awhile. I have a tortoise named Marley who has gotten bigger since last time I was here. And he eats more and more as day passes by haha I want to start planting some grass and plants for Marley to graze on. Any suggestions on how to go about it? I need to know...
  5. Mochii

    Garage sale sulcata in san diego
  6. Mochii

    It's been a year already

    I'm SO glad to hear that his shell looks good! I was getting paranoid.. but my boyfriend kept telling me that he looked fine. Hahah so, of course, I posted here :) Yay!
  7. Mochii

    It's been a year already

    Marley is definitely spoiled ;) I wish I took more pictures though. I'm glad to hear that Marley looks good! He is such a trouble maker.. haha. Thanks for all the comments. :D I will post more soon!
  8. Mochii

    It's been a year already

    Marley turned one on July 22nd :) I meant to post pictures but forgot! First day we got Marley (about 3 days old) Look how small he is :) About 3-4 months About 4-5 months 9 months Couple weeks before his birthday Marley now :) Stud/beauty shot :D He...
  9. Mochii

    [VIDEO] Buddies :) MUST SEE! brings a smile to my face

    i LOVE this video. Makes me want to have a buddy for Marley.. but i'll be his buddy. No space for another one :D I hope its not a re-post!
  10. Mochii

    Summer '10 Tortoise Photo Contest Entries

    Marley Sulcata tortoise
  11. Mochii

    sulcata hatchling on craigslist (san diego)

    They say it's "African tortoise" but it looks like a sulcata to me. They're selling it for 50 dollars with lamp and tank =( glass tank. It's a baby !
  12. Mochii

    Mortimer mugging for the camera

    HAHAH i love this picture
  13. Mochii

    New Pancake Pool - Lots of Pics!

    Wow I really like it! I like the pond idea also :) very nice.
  14. Mochii


    So Marley's dinner consists of organic green leafs from Whole Foods. I was wondering if it was completely necessary to buy organic vegetables. Are there certain vegetables that I can buy that is not organic and Marley could still eat it? I mean.. we eat them too right? But then again, Marley is...
  15. Mochii


    Oh never knew that I can feed Marley aloe! I shall try giving him some :) Thanks!
  16. Mochii

    Can you guess what Herman is doing here ?

    HAHA that is so cute. I wonder if Marley does that? His expression when you woke him up is funny. ".... you... woke... me.. up.........." :D
  17. Mochii

    Marley and his cute face! (oh and his butt :P)

    Last time we measured him (maybe 2 weeks ago), he was approximately 3 inches (SCL). He is about 9.5 months old :) Hahah I love it when he shakes his tail before he poops. Sometimes it amazes me how much poop he lets out.. where do they stay in his tiny system? hahah Thanks for all the...
  18. Mochii

    21 Years Is A Long Time To Wait (More New Pictures)

    RE: 21 Years Is A Long Time To Wait Oh wow!! Congratulations! I want to see pictures when the hatchling comes out from the shell :D
  19. Mochii

    Marley and his cute face! (oh and his butt :P)

    i know!! he's not only big.. he has a big attitude too! he's adorable :) it's just hard to believe how big he got. and he's getting bigger!
  20. Mochii

    Marley and his cute face! (oh and his butt :P)

    he's 9 months old now. He's been digging a lot lately and it's very amusing to watch him. Here are some clear pictures of him that we took today and wanted to share :)