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  1. SachaZ


    Love this video! Watched it 3 times. Especially the sounds of breathing and how timely you predicted to remove your hand from under that curious beak! :)
  2. SachaZ

    Hello! adopting 10 yr old Hermann's

    Sorry, Lowstorm, I now finally understood what "lines/ridges/divots" you are talking about. I got confused by the word "ridges" as I imagined ridge to be something outward, not inward. Yes - those borders between his carapace and a "skirt" are a bit (just a TINY BIT) deeper than normal. If...
  3. SachaZ

    Western Hermann's tortoise Care Video from the TSA's Symposium

    Thank you so much for this video, Chris. Watched two times.
  4. SachaZ

    Hello! adopting 10 yr old Hermann's

    Those lines, you pointing at in the photo, are just growth lines.
  5. SachaZ

    Hello! adopting 10 yr old Hermann's

    Hey Lowstorm! What "ridge" exactly are you talking about? The thin black ones around central scutes? His shell looks better than many, but not "ideal". Just keep him hydrated and UVB-d! Coconut oil, on the other hand, ain't gonna do anything good for his shell. Shell is porous. It's not even...
  6. SachaZ

    My rental home came with a tortoise!

    Goodness! How lucky you are! :)
  7. SachaZ

    Very vocal redfoot

    Can you maybe record a video for us? I am very curious to see!
  8. SachaZ

    Lower Respiratory Infection Issue

    I noticed I made a grammar mistake in my above post (autocorrect issue) - I meant TO DRY the tortoise with a paper towel, NOT to "DAMP" or "wet".
  9. SachaZ

    Lower Respiratory Infection Issue

    Hi Charsuibun, I want to add two points (and I might be wrong as well). - When you bath the tortoise, do you damp her afterwards with a paper towel, just in case the air is actually colder than her body temp at that moment? I may be mistaken that it can contribute. I damp mine with just a...
  10. SachaZ

    Advice needed. I feel like a failure.

    Dear Dear Snorkelshark, I am so very sorry for your loss. Hatchlings are quite fragile (adults fragile too, but younger tortoises show illness faster and more rapid), these things happen. I am very sorry. However, I hope you stick around and we will hear a lot of good news about your future...
  11. SachaZ

    Advice needed. I feel like a failure.

    I completely agree with Otrcoyote - you must go call to the reptile vet and say that the animal is in severe condition and its a question of life and death. It is worth pushing them over there. Call several times if needed. Please, let us know how is your sulcata doing right now? Did you manage...