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  1. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise


    Hello, and Welcome! Lot's of useful information here on this forum! Lot's of questions have already been answered on here too!
  2. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    Hello, Everyone!

  3. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    Hello, Everyone!

  4. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    Hello, Everyone!

  5. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    Hi from Connecticut!!

    Hello. Are you still active on here?
  6. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    HELP! Rescued two Desert Tortoises today and need advice! Winter is coming!* In Connecticut

    Hello! I know this is an old post. I'm just trying to connect with tortoises enthusiasts in Connecticut.
  7. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    How To Tell What is Expert Advice?

    Thanks for that information!
  8. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    Anyone live in Connecticut?

    Just wondering if any other tortoise owners, experts, near me! Thanks!
  9. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise


    Hello! I know your post is very old, but I was just searching for tortoise enthusiasts on here near me because I too live in Connecticut. It's very admirable of you to have a tortoise sanctuary. Do you know any Red-foot Tortoise experts besides yourself that live in Connecticut? Thanks!
  10. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    Calcium For Baby Redfoot Tortoise

    Grandpa Turtle 144. Thanks for your advice. That's quite a long time to be raising tortoises. I imagine you have lots of knowledge. Do you know of any good books about redfoot tortoise care, and or websites? I find alot of people have different opinions about redfoot care, etc. I would like to...
  11. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    How To Tell What is Expert Advice?

    Hello. I just was wondering what's the best way to find out which advice is by experts on here, or more experienced tortoise keepers? I see alot of opinions in replies, and it's hard to tell which advice is best. Thanks!
  12. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    Best Book on Redfoot Tortoises

    So I was just wondering what everyone thinks is the best book on redfoot tortoise care? Like if you had to choose only one book. I noticed there are some older posts on redfoot tortoise books, and was curious to see what everyone's opinion was. Please, and thank you!
  13. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    Is my red foot tortoise pyramiding?

    Yeah I have a lid. I will try that. Very good points.
  14. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    Thinking of getting new enclosure

    I too was thinking about what enclosure I would need as my tortoise grows bigger. I was thinking about getting a galvanized stock tank of some size to use.
  15. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    Is my red foot tortoise pyramiding?

    Hello. I read somewhere that torts don't show pyramiding until they get older. I was having trouble with humidity, but just solved it by adding a small humidifier to inside hid enclosure. I have a plastic shower curtain over the top of his Rubbermaid tub to also help hold humidity in.
  16. Wayne Redfoot Tortoise

    Howdy from Central Texas

    Hello, and Welcome! Congratulations on getting your future tortoise. Very admirable that your planning to adopt, and want to do whati right for the tortoise.