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  1. rollersaurus

    2 cages

    I use a kiddie pool filled with coco coir, it simply has a water dish and plant netting over the top of it, because when I take him outside I stay out with him the entire time. It works WONDERFULLY for me, I bought a smaller sized pool so I can bring it inside when we aren't out soaking up the...
  2. rollersaurus

    hide box help!

    Thanks everybody! I ran to the pet store and ended up getting a half log, then cut it to fit him perfectly, and I am proud to say HE LOVES IT! He likes digging in there. (:
  3. rollersaurus

    hide box help!

    I guess it is just a bad picture, but there is some substrate in the cup, and I also had buried the cup (nearly halfway) into the substrate, but Emerson dug around it...
  4. rollersaurus

    Temporary Outdoor Enclosure

    WHERE DID YOU FIND DANDELION SEEDS? When I ask stores for them they laugh at me and tell me to go to my neighbors yard....
  5. rollersaurus

    hide box help!

    Oooh, good idea! I tried placing him in there twice, he walked out both times then went to his usual corner and dug. I'll try 2 or 3 dark ones. Thank you! [hr] He does like to dig and climb, maybe I'll try a flower pot. Does just any kind work, as long as it is big enough?
  6. rollersaurus

    hide box help!

    Hi there! My name is Ashley and I have a 3 month old Sulcata tortoise. I recently added a hide box to his enclosure, but he WILL NOT stay in there! I'm looking for a few tips on how to get him sleeping in there for the night! Attached are pictures of Emerson, his enclosure, and his temporary...