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  1. slowpoke

    sammi wants to mate?

    Wow, it's been a while since I've posted on here ... Would the female Russian tortoise ever instigate the mating ? What I have been seeing is Sammi the female backing up to slowpoke the male and is chasing him around doing this , kind of like hey here it is...
  2. slowpoke

    New 2 story Enclosure =) LOTS OF PICS

    looks great :)
  3. slowpoke

    New 2 story Enclosure =) LOTS OF PICS

    what are you doing for lighting ? (didnt see it in the pics)
  4. slowpoke

    Look at him go!!

    They love to climb :)
  5. slowpoke

    New horsefield tortoise

    lets start with lighting , i use the power sun mvb 100w works great gives them the heat and uvb all in one ... substrate , you can use alot of things coco coir , tops soil , any thing that does not have any thing added to it ... food , no lettuce , full of water , you want to feed them stuff...
  6. slowpoke

    Enclosure pics

    this is one i made and still adding to ... :)
  7. slowpoke


    welcome to the forum :)
  8. slowpoke


    looks great , I'm with GeoTerraTestudo , you don't have any problems with feeding them all in one spot ? with my 3 i have to feed them in deferent places or they fight , but they get along before and after they all eat :)
  9. slowpoke

    Do torts like to get petted?

    slowpoke likes it when i rub his chin , stretches out and closes his eyes like, aawww feels so good , sassy not so much she just comes around if i have food, if no food she goes away, sammi loves any kind of attention, she loves the top of her heat rubbed...
  10. slowpoke

    oops, sorry but i told you i don't share

    Lmao !! :) ....
  11. slowpoke

    Yet another enclosure in progress!

    oh man where did you find those knobs at ?
  12. slowpoke

    Male or female??

    just from the pics it looks like a male to me ...
  13. slowpoke


    welcome to the forum :) we love pictures !!!
  14. slowpoke

    Newbie from Canada

    Welcome to the forum :)
  15. slowpoke

    Russian outside today

    very cool , i wish it was worm enough here in colorado to put mine out side ... the high today was 47 with the wind chill of 28 ... summer needs to hurry up around here ...
  16. slowpoke


    i made this one out of plywood and popsicle sticks , its big enough to where my full grown adult female RT (7.5") will fit under it and turn around and she can go on the upper level of it also ...
  17. slowpoke

    Russian with 2 heads or 2 Russians?

    i wish i had one that is sooo cool , but i wonder how they get around ...
  18. slowpoke

    2 tortoises together

    ive got 2 females and one male they get along as long as i have each of there food dishes in the indoor enclosure and out door one , if i try to feed them on one plate they get aggressive with each other ... but thats the only problem i had ... i also have a indoor set up half the size of my...
  19. slowpoke

    trouble growing pansies

    yea try starting them out side or under a light made for plants then putting them in with your tort, i always have some started and trade them out once every two weeks unless my big sammi eats the whole thing then i have to start over with that planter ... :)