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  1. Jimb


    I’m back! And just ordered a Leopard Tortoise Hatchling from ATC. It’s been far too long! I also have a baby Rhino Iguana but that’s another story.
  2. Jimb

    ANOTHER Night Box Thread...

    Awesome! Thanks!
  3. Jimb

    Torts Get'n Some Sun!

    Air temp was above 70 yesterday however the ground temp was still too chilly, so the Torts had to spend their time Sunning in separate spaces. Plus they got to eat lots of fresh Dandelion flowers that I picked for them! :)
  4. Jimb

    Tazer the Mighty Leopard

    Enjoying her morning "kill". LOL!
  5. Jimb

    Mudflap Celebrating Easter ....

    She's been celebrating for about 4 days now! LOL!!! Happy Easter Everyone!!
  6. Jimb


    You're little Hermann's look great!!
  7. Jimb

    Hermann’s Tortoise Enviornment

    Good catch, I admit I missed that one. Als o, I hope that's a UVB Bulb and not just a heat bulb for basking. I always recommend MegaRay and that they be pointed straight down and not angled. For night-time heat (when & if needed) I use the MegaRay Heat Projector.
  8. Jimb

    Hermann’s Tortoise Enviornment

    Then I think yours will work fine for awhile. Mine was (and still is actually) 2'x4'x8" high. I'll probably be building something larger this Summer :tort:
  9. Jimb

    Hermann’s Tortoise Enviornment

    Is your Hermann's a hatchling? Otherwise it looks pretty small. As for myself I I started with chips, hated it and then went to full Coir for my Mudflap. :)
  10. Jimb

    Tazer the Mighty Leopard ....

    One of her favorite sleeping positions .... Doesn't look too comfy to me though. LOL!
  11. Jimb

    Mudflap Chowing Down ...

    Took a pic of the Tortoise "Mud" this morning, added some shredded Yellow Squash to it .... :)
  12. Jimb

    Mudflap Chowing Down ...

    Thanks! This go-around there's ground up Timothy Hay & Orchard Grass, Rep-Cal Maintenance Formula Tortoise Food, Zoo Med Natural Grassland Tortoise Food, & Mazuri. With a sprinkling of Calcium, Cactus Powder, & TNT (Total Nutrition for Tortoises) on Top. Yummm, Yummm! ;)
  13. Jimb

    Mudflap Chowing Down ...

    She's 28 months old and loves her "mud". LOL!
  14. Jimb

    The Stare-Down!

    Tazer lost interest after a bit, walked around some (She'd just had his bath/poo session), then returned to the stare-down. I think Tazer wants to be friends but Dillon has to be closely watched when he's not penned up. If I'm standing right there he's fine, but I'd never trust him unsupervised.
  15. Jimb

    The Stare-Down!

    Dillon and Tazer (the Leopard) having another Stare-down competition. :)
  16. Jimb

    Tazer the Mighty Leopard ....

    Chowing down! She's such an awesome Tort! Almost 19 months old. :)
  17. Jimb

    What's Your's is Mine ....

    Oh she would have had a turn at it if I'd left her there long enough. ;)
  18. Jimb

    Mudflap the 28 month old female Testudo Hermanni Hermanni

    Enjoying her "Mud" Meal. :tort:
  19. Jimb

    What's Your's is Mine ....

    I haven't posted in awhile so here's Tazer (18 month old female PP Leopard) deciding that what belongs to the Schnauzer belongs to her as well. :rolleyes:
  20. Jimb

    This is Tazer Enjoying Dandelion Friday! ;)

    In the off-season I buy them at the local Health Food store. Natural Grocers. They're Organic.