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  1. TurtleTortoise

    Sulcata - MBD?

    He's going for $200 which seems reasonable to me, though I wouldn't know. If he does have MBD, what should I do or check for? I've heard it can be really hard to stop. Here are some photos of his head. He definitely has an underbite with an overgrown beak. Thanks again for the help
  2. TurtleTortoise

    Sulcata - MBD?

    I have been looking to buy a Sulcata and recently found an adult male for sale on craigslist. The current owners say they have had him for a year, and they have been helping him recover from his previous owners who did not properly care for him. He is 12 in. long and 5 years old. I asked what...
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    Mites in enclosure?

    On the bright side if you forget to clean up something or leave lettuce in there they'll clean it up for ya eventually :P
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    Just cus I want to show off my Shelby

    Shelby looks great, how big is she?
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    small white lines on shell?

    Hello, I am not sure if this question has been answered before but anyway... I noticed these small white squiggly lines on my baby Greek torts shell. It appears to be under the first layer, but I can still see them. It almost looks like dried water stuff. I'm tryig to post pictures but it seems...
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    my greek hatchling

    Sounds mostly good, you don't really need to soak him two times a day. there's also nothing wrong with feeding spring mix longer than a couple months, as long as he gets a varied diet. I'm not an expert, but I do have agrees an that's my opinion :P :)
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    Alright, thanks!
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    Does anyone here have an instagram account and post pics of their torts? Mine is @reptiles_rule I post pictures of all my herps, so there's a few torts in there ;) if you reply your username ill make sure to follow you.
  9. TurtleTortoise

    changing indoor enclosure

    changing indoor enclouser Rocks from your garden should be fine. Just wash them thoroughly and you should be good! Rocks from the store would be good too, but you don't really need to get them from the store as long as the outside rocks are clean.
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    UV is bad So yeah I was looking online when I started to read about UV and how bad it is for us... Seems like all reptile UVB bulbs would have the same...
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    App Crashing

    Yes! It seems to happen when loading big threads, or when you hit too many buttons at once. It doesn't crash way too much for me but it has been getting annoying.
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    Topsoil for growing

    Sounds good to me. As long as there's no chemicals or harmful stuff in it
  13. TurtleTortoise

    The End Of Pyramiding

    Same here, thanks for the advice! He used it last night so we're off to a good start.
  14. TurtleTortoise

    New Greek Munching Away!!

    Nice! :) I have a Greek and they are great little tortoises.
  15. TurtleTortoise

    How is she growing?

    She looks pretty good to me. There is slight pyramiding but it looks like it hasn't gotten worse from the old picture.
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    The End Of Pyramiding

    Re: RE: The End Of Pyramiding That's terrible! I wonder what happened to Tulee... quick question (I'm sure you've answered before and I didn't want to start a new topic) what should you do if your tort doesn't use the humid hide? If you put them in it enough do they just go in automatically or...
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    Does anyone's family think their obsession with their Tortoise is weird?

    Yes, I actually get quite excited about anything reptile an amphibian related. People think I'm weird because I drive for an hour and a half just to go to a reptile show, but its what I love and I can't help it :D [hr] And yes! I love tortoises because they live so long and have great...
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    How to cool down temps at night

    68 degrees seems like it would be fine. As long as it drops a little from what it's normally at you're good
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    Sexing Greek?

    Ok, thank you!