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  1. zesty_17

    new update on MBD

    Good luck with your tort. I once cared for a small Aldabra with similar issues (actually 3, but only 2 survived by the time I got them). They both had very soft shells, especially the plastron. In Florida at the time, they were kept out doors 24/7 & fed cactus daily. Weekly soaks & monthly...
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    Hi tortoise Fans

    Yes, I am from Florida but we are stationed here for a few yrs... we trek back & forth quite a lot. I still assist with turtle research in the states, & am part of the herp group here.
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    Hi tortoise Fans

    Hi jodilee! I am not too far from you, just over the DE border in Kleve! I was a tortoise keeper in the states, message me any time. I love talking turtles!
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    I have been away far too long! My travels find me currently living in Europe, enjoying life, yet...

    I have been away far too long! My travels find me currently living in Europe, enjoying life, yet missing my torties in sunny Florida.
  5. zesty_17

    Box Turtle Shell Rot

    If you are in the Tampa area I can point you to some great turtle vets. message me for their contact info.
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    i love that. i remember my first trusting experiences with each of our torties. I think it was a mutual understanding that a big male, Ralph and I shared. He has an old foot injury that we think suffers from arthritis in the winter, and occasionally i will check the inside of the joint because...
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    are banana leaf toxic to tortoises

    banana leaves are ok for torts... but do not confuse them with bird of paradise (looks similar, because that is toxic). Our torts love banana leaves though.
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    Do you like it when people call your tortoise a turtle?

    “All tortoises are turtles, but not all turtles are tortoises. All terrapins are turtles, but not all turtles are terrapins. Some turtles are just turtles.” The World of Turtles and Crocodiles hehe, i love that quote. But in all seriousness, it really depends where you live and how you...
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    4 Hatchlings in 1 Egg

    Very sad for your loss. It is pretty amazing to find 4 in one egg, this is the most i have heard at 1 time. Very sad they didn't make it though.
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    My sulcata ate stryofoam

    I agree with the above posts, she will probably be fine. I once found a rubber glove in a tort poo... I was not a happy camper! But the torts were fine.
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    Need Florida help

    gatorland is pretty cool if you want to see a lot of reptiles! It is not too far from all of the touristy places-i think just down the road from medievial times.
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    Pet Store vs. Breeder vs. Pet Shelter

    i agree, there are lots of torts available for adoption, but if you are looking for something specific, breeders are almost always the better route than pet stores.
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    It snowed today and I found myself walking in it and collecting worms

    lol, that's a great story. yeah, i would probably be right there with you gathering for the turtles.
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    Shell Rot

    At this age the shell is going to be a little soft. All turtle hatchlings' shells are soft as babies. I like to use nolvasan to treat shell rot in water turtles. Last summer i had a little res (rescued) that had a couple of white spots (shell rot), so i soaked & scrubbed the spots every other...
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    Is it safe for my Turtles to go outside now?

    i live in central fl, and have kept my boys out all winter-only bringing them in if the temps drop below 60. They are 8 & 9yr old Texas river cooters, possible ybs hybrids, but that is unconfirmed. I don't hibernate them and they do just fine. I just keep a keen watch on the weather forecast...
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    Does anyone own a macaw?

    i work at Busch Gardens Tampa, and yes, our birds do from time to time scream & squawk. It is usually around the same time though-closing time or feeding time, and sometimes just for attention. I have found that if they feel they are not getting enough attention from the keepers they will throw...
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    Too close....

    yes, or corn starch.
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    Box Turtle Incubator

    looks good, the only thing i did different with mine, was to put a moat around the bottom to keep ants from getting to it at all. I am paranoid when it comes to the safety of my turtle. It was pretty much just a plastic pan lid filled with water & the cooler sat in the middle.
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    Does anyone own a macaw?

    i work with them daily, but don't have them at my house... a couple at work have my heart though and i would gladly take them in if they ever needed a home.