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  1. Kathy Coles

    Tortoise Sanctuary in Florida?

    Be careful of groups such as tortoise rehoming. There are people saying they will rehome the tort only to sell them. There might be legit folks who want to rehome Squirt, just being cautious. I agree, some people suck.
  2. Kathy Coles

    Whats wrong with Pearls Leg!!??

    I don't have any tort experience with this problem but it sure looks dislocated when she does that "funny" walk. Vet visit ASAP. Let us know how she does. I think it is a good thing she can walk normal for a short time.
  3. Kathy Coles

    new Russian tortoise owner. Does shell look healthy? If not, what can I do to help?

    Hi and welcome. Give her warm baths often and she should stay smooth. I gave my Red Foot a bath once a week and it was NOT often enough. I love that you are concerned, you are doing good.
  4. Kathy Coles

    Heat mats

    I use a Kane mat on the floor. The set up is: the Kane mat is on a plastic tray that was sold to be used under a washing machine. Then I have a large bin from Walmart that is turned upside down over the Kane mat. The fit is perfect if you get the right bin. The Repti-fogger sits on top of the...
  5. Kathy Coles

    dogs dug up a hibernating ornate Box turtle

    He already prepared himself for hibernation. The hard part is over. All he needs now is the sleeping part. Trust that he is ok, covered in leaves, cool place, and don't disturb. Lucky you!
  6. Kathy Coles

    Squash: A Picky Redfoot

    My red foot had a softish under belly and I changed how moist the substrate was. Increased heat and humidity but made what she walked on drier. Also try adding a cuttlebone and just let Squash nibble off it. You might be surprised at what they can do.
  7. Kathy Coles

    Removal (algae)

    Any reason you can't toss in an algae eater type fish??
  8. Kathy Coles

    what tortoise shall i get?

    I thought I had enough space for my tort when I bought her. Nope. She is now over 5 Kg and getting bigger. Funny how a 4 inch darling just keeps going and going and going. Good thing you're doing your research. Torts take a lot of space.
  9. Kathy Coles


    You have a beautiful red foot there. Take a picture of his tail end and we can probably tell if you got a girl or a boy. You tort is mature enough to tell.
  10. Kathy Coles

    2 next month!

    Beautiful. And happy birthday.
  11. Kathy Coles


    Hello and welcome. This is such an exciting time for you. Your mom has wisdom in saying do research. This is the best place for that. Read everything. And good luck.
  12. Kathy Coles

    head twitching [russian tortoise]

    could you post a video?
  13. Kathy Coles

    Tortoise in the wild

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  14. Kathy Coles

    Quacking Redfoot

    Oh my gosh, I would really like to hear this sound. Can you post a video? I also have a red foot. They are great.
  15. Kathy Coles

    Found this guy. Need help!

    I think you might have been meant to find him. Wherever he was, there are signs that he was kinda neglected. That beak needs attention. Good luck and this forum is a great place to learn everything you need to know.
  16. Kathy Coles

    Tort started hatching ,but its too early

    This guy needs to be called Speedy.
  17. Kathy Coles

    ZooMed reptifogger

    I had heard that all foggers don't last very long. Mine was working fine, until it didn't. It lasted about 1 year. When it worked it was great. Now I think this is just one of the expenses of having a red foot tortoise. So I am budgeting about $70 a year for this feature to Zebulun's enclosure...
  18. Kathy Coles

    home made enclosure

    I was in a hurry to get my tort into her new home and didn't paint the wood. HUGE mistake. Mold, mold, mold. Painting afterward doesn't really work. He is still pretty small. I think he'll be ok in something temporary till it's finished. Good luck and he sure is cute.
  19. Kathy Coles

    Coping with loss...

    I'm so sorry for your loss. And thank you for being brave enough to share with us what happened. Maybe it will help someone else.
  20. Kathy Coles

    Interest in a group on DIY High End Humidifer

    I would be interested. The current humidifier is working well but the tort keeps growing. Go figure. I will have to have something figured out by next fall. You say you can keep the humidity up with an open top??? That sounds good, but unbelievable at the same time. It must produce a ton of...