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  1. Maddoggy

    ID plants straight from your iPhone camera roll, no software needed

    I have a plant ID called "Picture This". The first year is free but after that its 2.99 a month. I use it exclusively for finding plants that could be harmful to my two subadult sulcatas.
  2. Maddoggy

    Beginner Tortoise help.

    Hello. Welcome and stay plugged into the tortoise forum. It will be the best thing you can do for your new shelled freind
  3. Maddoggy

    Any help & advice would be greatly appreciated ! (new Russian)

    Welcome,stick with Tortoise Forum information.Try to follow Toms care sheets the best you possibly can and you will have a happy and healthy experience with you new tort.
  4. Maddoggy

    10 years passed fast

    Awesome my grandmother was from Croatia. And very nice looking sulcata you have raised.
  5. Maddoggy

    Cypress mulch wetness

    When I die I want to come back to life as one of your tortoises!!
  6. Maddoggy

    Little Fatty

    Very nice!!
  7. Maddoggy

    Cypress mulch wetness

    You may want to reconsider owning a sulcata tortoise if a 9x3x3 is to large for your accommodations.These guys grow large and grow fast.This forum is built on responsible tortoise keeping by responsible tortoise keepers and it takes a special commitment to own and properly house a giant tortoise.
  8. Maddoggy

    Weather Where You Are

    I guess I have nothing to complain about since we are spoiled down here with great temps and humidity for our torts ,most of the time. Last night hit 34 and the first thing this morning I went to check on my floor temperature of my nightbox.It was around 65 floor level in which I was a little...
  9. Maddoggy

    Stump... 3.5mo and 135g.

    I think the stumpinator is the gold standard that juvenile sulcatas should be held to. He's a beatiful tortoise and it shows the time and commitment you take . Good Job Well done!!!!!
  10. Maddoggy

    Baby salcuta

    I use about an inch of coconut coir on the bottom and an inch of repto bark on top.It seems a little bit easier to remove tort droppings which i try to do on a daily basis.Do yourself and your new tortoise a favor and read Toms caresheet for baby sulcatas and follow it the best you can and it...
  11. Maddoggy

    Info For New People. Please Read This First.

    Thank you Tom the dog trainer.I think you hit the sulcata ownership commitment perfect.Everybody loves giant tortoises but having one takes a special setup in the correct climate and its a lifetime commitment,
  12. Maddoggy

    Is Hawkbill Sea Turtle's skin toxic ?

    I think you are right.Sea turtles around here get treated fairly well . Not so well in some foreign countries
  13. Maddoggy

    Is Hawkbill Sea Turtle's skin toxic ?

    I see them all the time when I am offshore fishing.And during laying seasons it's not unusual to see a dozen or so nests along a stretch of beach while cruising along in my boat.I had accidentally caught a juvenile loggerhead in my castnet while catching baitfish at Sebastian's inlet.I...
  14. Maddoggy


    Im a huge fan of Mazuri Tortoise LS diet. I feed both of my subadult sulcatas that everyday and on warm days they graze. Feeding the Mazuri everyday provides my torts withall the vitamins and minerals that they need plus several probiotic strains are included.I have tried cuttlebone but they...
  15. Maddoggy

    Jamie's new novel is now available!

    Jamie congrats , I'll be getting my copies soon.
  16. Maddoggy

    New Owner, Sulcata

    Welcome, I went through the same transformation that you are going through now. It changed my whole aspect of tortoise keeping.Sulcatas are big tough tortoises and need giant outdoor enclosures to thrive.I thought I had a lot of time before mine got big but it creeps up on you and before you...
  17. Maddoggy

    Tortoise Names?

    My ivory male sulcatas name is Lips because he looks like Mick Jagger
  18. Maddoggy

    Meet Kupa

    Welcome ,Can't help with the tortoise problem but stay tuned in one of our in house experts will know and probably be glad to help you and especially the tortoise.They will have to have more information like what type of tortoise ? What you are feeding it? What are the day time and night time...
  19. Maddoggy

    Would anyone use and contribute to an opensourced "Tortoise table" like database

    Yes you can count me in.Living in south Florida and having two sulcatas I have large outdoor enclosures and its very difficult to almost impossible to identify and eradicate any plant that is not considered safe by tortoise table standards.A lot of the plants I encounter are not even listed so...
  20. Maddoggy

    First time tortoise owner.

    Welcome,, stay plugged in and take all of the information on this forum very seriously. It will save you a lot of time and money not to mention the heartache..Sulcatas grow fast and can be quite a handful. If your not prepared.