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    Carnivorous behaviour in a greek tortoise

    My Moroccan Tortoises actively chase insects similarly to Box Turtles.
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    Me too! They are Testudo graeca something ?. So some sort of “Greek”
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    Here are some photos. Enjoy!
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    Well Started Hatchling Tortoises:

    My wife has a few well started 2021 Eastern Hermann's and Marginated Tortoises for sale. These were properly Temp sexed female. She will include a 6 month health guarantee ( with photo of approved enclosure) and free spineless cactus for the first year (you pay the shipping).These are large well...
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    what species is this please

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    Please help identify my tortoise!

    It looks to be a Moroccan Tortoise. I have similarly marked individuals.
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    My Pancake Group

    @SweetGreekTorts, your pancake are beautiful!
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    My Pancake Group

    I have pancakes, Hermann's and Marginated from Dave. His animals are top notch. The eight Pancakes I purchased from Dave have been my favorite tortoises I have owned. They remind me of a cross between a tortoise and an Egernia Stokessi. There is something to be said about reptiles that live in...
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    Testudo graeca buxtoni

    @SweetGreekTorts I checked out your website last week and enjoyed it!
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    Testudo graeca buxtoni

    Yes, I have been communicating with him via email. I had a young trio of them that I sold a few years ago. I liked them and have regretted it.
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    anyone have Bauers Chameleon Geckos?

    Awesome geckos! How are they doing?
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    Northen Italy Testudo graeca ibera

    That looks like an amazing enclosure!
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    Wanted: Adult Egyptian Tortoises

    I am looking to buy adult or sub adult Egyptian Tortoises.
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    Testudo graeca buxtoni

    Is anyone breeding Testudo graeca buxtoni?
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    Gulf Coast Box Turtle Question:

    Wow that is an amazing story! I have never seen them in the wild. They are great turtles!
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    Gulf Coast Box Turtle Question:

    I bought a group of feeder goldfish and we will see what happens.
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    Gulf Coast Box Turtle Question:

    Thanks for the replies! The enclosure has a hardware cloth top so no birds can get in. I am thinking the Gulf Coast Box Turtles are more aquatic than I had thought and can catch the fish. The last theory is the heat wave killed the fish and then the turtles ate the fish. That seems unlikely...