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  1. tortoisenana

    Is there a way I can find out if my tortoise likes music?

    Thank you. I'm always learning something new from this forum.?
  2. tortoisenana

    Is there a way I can find out if my tortoise likes music?

    Just curious, if tortoises can't hear why do mine come when I call them?
  3. tortoisenana

    Tortellini the Sulcata

    Hey, welcome! I'm also around SA. I have 4 sulcatas : 45lb Yaya (she's been flashing so I guess she's a "He", 40lb Sargent (also has flashed), 15lb Elsa (don't know if she's a she, granddaughter named her) and then 10lb Binky (unknown, but is escape artist). lol Read and follow these care...
  4. tortoisenana

    Naive breeding question

    Is it possible to determine sex by blood test even in New baby torts?
  5. tortoisenana

    Does anyone know what this is? And can sulcatas eat it safely?

    Does anyone know what this is? And can sulcatas eat it safely?
  6. tortoisenana

    Tortoise stuck on back - desperate for an help

    I can attest to them walking the fence line. I have a 40 lb sulcata that spends alot of time marching around his perimeter. I call him 'Sargent'.
  7. tortoisenana

    RIP Grumpyface

    So sorry. It hurts my heart just thinking about it. Sending hugs.
  8. tortoisenana


    So glad you found her. I know how you felt, the tort in my picture escaped and just showed up in the middle of my yard a week later. I never thought I'd kiss a tortoise but I sure did that day. He didn't like it.
  9. tortoisenana

    Do sulcutas fart?

    I posted awhile ago that my tort scared me farting so loud. I didn't know they did this. lol
  10. tortoisenana

    Sullies in the snow

    Other than electricity, how are you keeping your torts warm?
  11. tortoisenana

    Our Power is Out ?

    Thank you. Hugs are rare these days so I take all I can get. lol
  12. tortoisenana

    Our Power is Out ?

    I think they do it on purpose! lol
  13. tortoisenana

    Our Power is Out ?

    We're a little south of San Antonio. Power still on but the heater went out in one of my tortoise houses, lost that tortoise before we realized it was out. With 11 degree weather it doesn't take long for them to get too cold. I put everyone else in my bathroom. It's 86 degrees in there. They are...
  14. tortoisenana

    sulcata tortoise+brucellosis

    Thank you. I always like to read about things that can affect my animals.
  15. tortoisenana

    sulcata tortoise+brucellosis

    Update: Dogs don't have brucellosis or herpes ( who knew), but they have coccidia. So more meds and even more disinfecting. lol If it ain't one thing, it's another when you have animals in your family.
  16. tortoisenana

    sulcata tortoise+brucellosis

    Thank you
  17. tortoisenana

    sulcata tortoise+brucellosis

    I asked the question because I breed dogs and have had some litter dying from unknown causes. Went to a new vet and he listed things that could cause this. We sent off blood and saliva samples and have to wait for results. One of the things he listed was brucellosis. If it is that then our...
  18. tortoisenana

    sulcata tortoise+brucellosis

    Can tortoises get brucellosis?
  19. tortoisenana

    Heartbroken and need to vent to ppl who understand

    This doesn't include tortoises ( at least not mine) as they are NOT dumb creatures! If they were we wouldn't need to constantly try to out smart them when they decide they don't want to stay in their enclosure!