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  1. Balboa

    Humidity under CHE

    Disclaimers... late to the thread, sorry don't keep greeks, and no expert in general... BUT This is exactly the trouble/danger with tort tables, and why we have everyone preaching for closed chambers. It just comes down to thermo dynamics, no amount of tort keeping dogma can get around natural...
  2. Balboa

    What the heck is a heat emitter?

    lots of debate over the years on this subject, I'll admit that I no longer keep a uv lamp over my redfoots, but I did at first as "insurance". Hypothetically some natural sunshine during the summer plus a little D3 in the diet should be enough... seems to be for mine, but maybe I'm wrong and...
  3. Balboa

    Pill Bugs Breeding in the Bioactive Substrate

    I wouldn't worry, at least I never have, I worry more about killing too many of them off stirring the substrate or moving things, but there always seems to be a few around. I'm sure the torts enjoy any they catch crawling around for a bit of pop control as well.
  4. Balboa

    Vermiculite and soil substrate mix for tortoise

    I've been tempted on this one myself. Yes vermiculite makes a great theoretical substrate, or substrate additive. It works wonderfully for my plants to keep the soil loose and maintain ground moisture without becoming swampy. It also has a habit of sticking to things, like that piece of...
  5. Balboa

    Home made tort house

    Plants can grow in eco earth, but chances are your spider plant won't last long enough to do much growing unless you protect it from your tort. You can build "guards" to try and keep him from digging it up, trampling it, or eating it the root, and let him nibble the overgrowth, or you can keep a...
  6. Balboa

    Substrate ideas requested- towards a 'perfect' mix

    Seems to me that anything organic will mold in humidity and limited airflow if its not "bio active". I remember the wife freaking out about the springtails showing up in the coco coir in her crested gecko enclosure. I laughed and told her not to worry, they were keeping it clean so it didn't...
  7. Balboa

    Help me with my tort table

    pvc liners as mentioned will work. Linoleum works too. I simply used several thick coats of exterior grade varnish. Its held up well for 3 years now, but I noticed some soft spots in the wood recently. Will be time for a new enclosure soon. On this next one I think I'll use FRP (plastic...
  8. Balboa

    flowers-toxic or not

    Not sure on those, I can't seem to find anything definitive. Its in the nightshade family, most of which are toxic, but according to wikipedia is closely related to petunia, which is safe. In most cases torts won't eat something toxic anyways, but you never know, so might not be worth risking.
  9. Balboa

    Exploring the possibilities

    I second the bearded dragon, or a crested gecko, which so far for me have been incredibly easy to care for and still rewarding. Their environmental requirements are easy to meet (normal household temp and humidity are usually adequate) they don't require sunlight or uvb or basking spots and...
  10. Balboa

    So Overwhelmed

    Hello Mildred's Mommy, I went and looked over some of your older threads to get some background. First advice I'll give you is to relax :) Both of my redfoots were rescues and came to me in poor condition, lethargic, pyramided, stressed out. They need time to adjust and recover, you won't...
  11. Balboa

    Why did you choose your username?

    When the wife brought home our first rescue redfoot, the kids decided to name him Rocky... referring to the obvious walking rock analogy I'm sure... so when trying to come up with a username for here I made the Rocky Balboa connection. :)
  12. Balboa

    Balboa: I'm so sorry!!!

    LMAO I had just noticed it had been replied to, went to look, and poof it was gone, I was thinking "ruh roh", did I tick somebody off and forget about it? probably...... lol its all good Yvonne :)
  13. Balboa

    Substrate ideas requested- towards a 'perfect' mix

    Been keeping my redfoots on home mixed, bio active dirt for a long time (peat moss, dirt from the garden, sand, leaf litter, orchid bark and who knows what else has wound up mixed in over the years). It worked well while they were small, but between everything breaking down, me letting it go too...
  14. Balboa

    Seattle Reptile Expo - Puyallup, WA

    we'll be there tomorrow, sunday. We'll look for some of you there :)
  15. Balboa

    Seattle Reptile Expo - Puyallup, WA

    BTW Tyler, if you're going to bring cactus, you'll get a sale from me. It may just be me not knowing where to look, but we simply do not have cactus pads locally. As a matter of fact, that might be a hot seller for you up here. (unless I'm the only fool that can't find them.... hmm wouldn't be a...
  16. Balboa

    From Hawaii With Love; Long Distance Incubation

    Thank you for the condolences everyone. This has been a rough one. We had baseline necropsies done on a couple of them, with nothing unusual found. We'd really like to get lab work done, but that's looking to be too expensive at this time, without guaruntee of results. Were we looking to...
  17. Balboa

    From Hawaii With Love; Long Distance Incubation

    So this is the taste of Hubris. As some of you may know, our early elation at the apparent success of the experiment was followed quickly by the tragedy of defeat. I've held off on posting in the hopes of getting to the root of the problem, but have been left with only questions. The...
  18. Balboa

    Practical Lighting for Tortoise Keepers - discussion

    Thanks! You're right about Reef Forums (and Planted Aquarium, I have some background there too) being a good source of information. I've never played with VHO lighting, though you're right there certainly are some great benefits. In the case of reptile lighting I'm not sure it would pay off...
  19. Balboa

    Seattle Reptile Expo - Puyallup, WA

    I know how it is with kids. Darn, would be dissapointing not to meet your better half :) but I'm sure I wouldn't mind chatting you up a bit either. You'll be the first TFO folks I'll have met face to face.
  20. Balboa

    Seattle Reptile Expo - Puyallup, WA

    Well knowing that you guys will be there, I may have to drop by, especially if your lovely spokesperson will be attending :) Its right down the hill from us, not much excuse I can come up with not to attend.