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    Sulcata at the beach

    There is very little sand where Kobae spends his summers. I should have clarified that to prevent such assumptions I guess. Lots of sandstone, rocks and pebbles, but it is not the Sahara.
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    Sulcata at the beach

    Any of you follow the Adventures of Kobae the Sulcata in Moab, Utah? "Base Camp Lodge" is the facebook page where Kobae is often featured. Since he was a tiny tort Kobae has spent his summers in the Utah desert and his winters in San Diego. He is over a 100 lbs now, and "free ranges" when...
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    Romaine hearts and tomato butts

    So no tomato skin for the Sulcata. What about the Redfoots?
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    Romaine hearts and tomato butts

    Thanks Tom, I do all of the above. Need to place another order with Kapildolo Farms this coming week in fact. The Sulcata gets soaked hay cubes daily, ignore them most days..
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    Romaine hearts and tomato butts

    I'm in Seattle, WA (USA) with a short growing season. About half of the year I have to purchase greens at the store to feed my rescued group of 5 Redfoots and 1 lone Sulcata. The Sulcata is about 3-4 years old and under 10 lbs. I rescued him two years ago at 85 grams, very little growth...
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    New food for Sally

    And are.
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    FedEx Foul-up (it turned out okay in the end)

    Fed Ex has been horrible lately. i'm about to call them about a pkg that their tracking shows it to be setting at the distribution center 2 miles from my house for the past 5 days... A couple of years ago I ordered a RF Hatchling from Southern Reptiles. The usual "overnight delivery"...
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    Misinformation that needs to be countered:

    I see this person on FB posting this crap, and too many people believe her. Any science to counter this misinformation? "Regular soakings are actually detrimental. Warm baths speed up the digestive system, causing the tortoise to miss out on vital nutrients from their foods and dehydrating...
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    Petition to Free Harry The Sulcata

    What are the conditions Harry is being kept in? I can find any citations showing the problem, just articles that allude to a "problem".
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    !!Urgent!! Pebbles was stuck in water

    I believe you give that advice as an emergency measure, effective right after found? At this point doing that maneuver is of no benefit to the tortoise, and if the tort has developed aspiration pneumonia, that could actually damage the lung tissue, in my professional respiratory therapist's...
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    Help delayed delivery

    One of my Redfoots is named Memphis. She spent two nights in Memphis due to winter storms after Southern Reptiles shipped her. I'm sure the fantastic start she got at Southern Reptiles is why she survived unscathed. Her shell temp was 66 when she finally arrived, and she wasn't moving. 5...
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    Need info Kane heat mats

    Thanks Yvonne for replying. Conduction heat relies on contact between the heat source and whatever is being heated (my simple, I'm-not-quite-awake-and-need-more-coffee-explanation), RHP use radiant heat, which "radiates" out from the heat source. At least this is my understanding. I hope...
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    Need info Kane heat mats

    My Redfoots have outgrown their indoor table and need to move to a large enclosure in my unheated garage for the winter. I have a RHP already, and will be adding a Kane mat. I have a Herpstat dual outlet thermostat. I'll use one outlet for the RHP and the other for the Kane mat. The...
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    Help with ID - Redfoot I believe

    That was my suspicion too. She is a beauty though - very outgoing and not at all shy. She was well loved, but not very well cared for. She was kept in a 30 gallon aquarium for 7 years, then went to the original owner's grandparents, who took her out of the tank (that she could barely turn...
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    Help with ID - Redfoot I believe

    She has spent the past 8 years free roaming a house with a long haired Chihuahua, eating spinach, tomatoes and dog food. I'm surprised she is in as good as health as she is. I don't know how long it had been since she been soaked, but the first thing I did when we got home was a 30 minute...
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    Rehome gopher tort in Vegas

    If the tortoise was a pet prior to 1989 you can keep them as long as you have documentation proving this in Nevada. And you are considered their custodian, not their owner.
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    Help with ID - Redfoot I believe

    I just adopted this 15 year old female. The owner was an elderly lady who said she thinks she is a Yellowfoot. I believe she is a Columbian Redfoot?
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    Help my baby red foot tortoise won’t eat!!!!

    Look through the files here under both Sulcata care and general enclosures. There are many options. But uniform heat and humidity are imperative at this age for survival, an enclosed tub or table is the only option. You can easily convert a large storage bin into something that could house...
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    Help my baby red foot tortoise won’t eat!!!!

    And by time he is huge and requires a fortress to contain him, you'll be out of college and earning an income to support his/her needs! Now just make sure you keep him secure when he is out so you don't loose little Finley the Mock Redfoot in that yard. I have a 2.5 year old Sulcata and 4...