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  1. laramie

    It's Friday!!!

    Yippie Sippie! It's Friday!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful week and has a wonderful and safe weekend :D:D:D
  2. laramie

    Happy Thursday

    Good morning and Happy Thursday to everyone!! The work week is almost over...YIPPIE!!! Well, since today is my Friday...:D:D:D Just wanted to pop in and say hello and all that:D
  3. laramie

    I'm Back

    Wow! Thanks everyone:D Strabismus is basically having certain muscles in your eyes moved and reconnected. Thankfully, I was totally out during the surgery. My eyes are not 100% back, still sore and really red, but each day is a bit better for me.:cool:
  4. laramie

    I'm Back

    Hello fellow tort parents:D I am finally feeling up to posting on the internet after my double eye surgery that I had just one week ago today. I am also back to work..UUGGGHH! I had Strabismus in both eyes. I just wanted to pop in and say hello and let all of my fellow tort firends know that...
  5. laramie

    Random Question

    I tell you, I would be punching people all day!! Even through the phone!:D
  6. laramie

    ALDABA HATCHLING (two days old)

    Beautiful ;)
  7. laramie

    Random Question

    If you could enforce any law, which law would you choose? For me: I wish it were legal to punch people for being stupid! Especially stupid drivers!!! Sorry..just kind of having a rough day:tort::tort::tort:
  8. laramie

    Using a black light?

    Thanks to everyone for all of your advice and tips:D
  9. laramie

    Using a black light?

    Sorry about that. Wilbur is inside and his enclosure is 3 by 3 and the walls are 12 inches high.
  10. laramie

    Little shelled giraffes...

    I think this pic is my favorite!:tort::tort:
  11. laramie

    Tortoise substrate

    I use Eco-Earth for Wilbur's enclosure. I really like it.
  12. laramie


    These pics are wonderful! You and your wife(?) always seem to take the best pics!:D
  13. laramie

    just bought a baby Sulcata Tortoise

    What a cutie!! Congrats on your new babies
  14. laramie

    7 up

    Wonderful pic Shelly! Thanks for sharing:D
  15. laramie

    Outdoor enclosure- opinions wanted

    I like it!
  16. laramie

    Using a black light?

    Hello all and I hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday:) I have a question about using a black light at night for Wilbur. What wattage should I get? Thanks in advance:cool::tort::tort:
  17. laramie

    Torts and Music?

    "Can't get enough of your love baby"..that is so cool![hr] That is so funny that you said that. Just this morning when I was saying good morning to Wilbur "Play that funky music" was on the radio. I was singing to him:cool:
  18. laramie

    Torts and Music?

    Here is a question for you all, do any of you ever play music for your little or big ones? If so, what kind and what (if any) response have you gotten?
  19. laramie

    If you need a laugh...

    If anyone needs a little laughter in their life..You should read "Chocolate Please" by Lisa Lampanelli. It is so freaking funny, by the second page you will be laughing out loud!
  20. laramie

    RF hypo and Mum'

    This pic is my favori!e! Thanks for sharing the pics.