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  1. Norm619

    Self-cleaning Sulcata pool

    That was my impression but I keep hearing from others that say it's possible. When I ask people how I never get a response. Considering what they eat is high in fiber I don't see how a system can be put together that would break it apart enough to filter it out. But I figured I would ask is...
  2. Norm619

    Looking for Sulcata pool ideas

    I'm visually impaired so if I missed place this I'm sorry. Here is my situation. I am looking to purchase a ranch near Tucson, Arizona. The ranch i'm looking at has plenty of space. Already found a good design for a winter home for these guys outside. But I am struggling with finding a good...
  3. Norm619

    Self-cleaning Sulcata pool

    There doesn't seem a general discussion area for this so i'm putting it here. I live outside Tucson, Arizona. And I am looking at purchasing a wretch. And I figure it out a enclosure solution for the winter out here. But I need to find ideas for self-cleaning soaking pool design that will work...