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  1. J

    Do Egyptians Eat Broccoli?

    Well, do they? Thank you!
  2. J

    Just got 6 month old baby and it....

    His name is Anubis. Thanks for your description. It seems like mine is doing great and what he is exhibiting is normal for babies. It should be interesting to see him open up and become more adventurous and time goes on.
  3. J

    My Eyptian Tortoise Wasabi what sex it is, please refer to video?

    Okay, so what is the deal? Why is his pee pee sticking out like that? Was it the bath that got him going or?
  4. J

    Just got 6 month old baby and it....

    Hi there. Yes, he is moving around more but is still pretty shy. He eats, sleeps, poops. I bath him every other day and he seems to be coming around a bit. I was hoping to "bond" with him over Christmas but I think it will take him some time to mature. How old is yours in the picture? I like the...
  5. J

    Just got 6 month old baby and it....

    Hi there. I have a layer of stones covered by charcoal, covered by potting soil, covered by sand which is supposed to have calcium in it, and then finally a thin layer of crushed oyster shells, the type you buy for birds to nibble on.
  6. J

    Egyptians in SoCal?

    I was just wondering if there are any Egyptian owners in SoCal and where you are located so we can compare notes on care and behavior. Thanks.
  7. J

    Wanted. Egyptian tortoises.

    Hi there. Where are you located? Are you starting a colony to breed them or? Just wondering.
  8. J

    Can a desert tortoise live happily in North Carolina?

    I also would be concerned about the humidity levels being higher. You might have to use heat lamps to maintain dryness in a tank. I was thinking of taking a job in Northern CA and one factor of not accepting the job was knowing that I and my tortoise, who as been with me longer than most...
  9. J


    Hi there, Is he a California Desert Tortoise? I have one too. I was given mine by a colleague who had rescues with babies. Mine looks the same as yours and is about 15 years old now. I keep him in a revised planting bed during the hot summer months with boards on top of the bed for shade and...
  10. J

    Just got 6 month old baby and it....

    Thank you for the tip! I was just feeding butter lettuce with vitamin powder. I have hibiscus in the back yard so that will work out just fine. Im cautious about succulent leaves, but might try that too.
  11. J

    Oyster Shell Substrate Questions

    I just started Egyptian tortoiseing. However, I did a lot of reading and used a layer of stones, a labor of charcoal, a layer of potting soil, layers of sand, and a layer of oyster shells. The oyster shells are for small birds to use as grit. This is probably not the economical way to go but it...
  12. J

    Just got 6 month old baby and it....

    Thank you all for getting back to me. I gave him a brief bath and put him back, he ate 2 helpings of shredded lettuce, and went to hide again. It looks like it will take him some time to get acclimated but he does seem healthy, or to at least have a healthy appetite.
  13. J

    Just got 6 month old baby and it....

    Hi there! I just received my new baby yesterday! It sat for long while, ate a pile of lettuce when I was not looking, and then burrowed with only its butt showing and has not moved for over 12 hours! Is this normal behavior?