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    Food Quantity for a Russian adult?

    I live in Florida, so he can and is getting outside time in general, but we're renting our place, so we can't build anything large or permanent, and our management does employ a lawn company that uses pesticides. We've taken him outside to walk fairly frequently but only under constant...
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    I'm the proud new owner of one Jimothy J. Tortoro the Tortoise III, who goes by Jimothy, Jim, or Tort. He hates me, I love him, it's all fine and dandy. Anyway, I'm looking to swap tortoise stories and to learn more about how to be the best darn parent Jimothy has ever had!
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    Food Quantity for a Russian adult?

    I and my fiancee recently acquired our beautiful little tort. We took him to the vet expecting to get our questions about age, sex, making sure he's the right species, etc. answered--the exotic pet vet Googled "russian tortoise care" right in front of us. :eek: So while we got things like...