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  1. Seiryu

    Wanted - Sub-adult/Adult Male P. Babcocki Leopard tortoise

    Yep. I have been thanks! Only one Babcocki male in the last couple of months. Rest have been mixed or P. Pardalis
  2. Seiryu

    Wanted - Sub-adult/Adult Male P. Babcocki Leopard tortoise

    Looking for a Sub-adult to Adult Male Leopard tortoise. P. Babcocki - you can message here or email me at - [email protected] - (underscore between e and 7 ; e_7)
  3. Seiryu

    Thor wheezing some, URI?

    Thanks! Hopefully it's something he can beat on his own. I have noticed it isn't quite as much as it used to be. He may go into the vet anyways as his beak needs a little trim and I want to see the vet do it before I try it from then on.
  4. Seiryu

    Thor wheezing some, URI?

    Right now he is on a 6x4 tortoise table with 45-65% humidity at all times. And goes outside daily for a couple of hours. I usually water the enclosure (planted with grasses, weeds etc) before putting them outside. I'm in michigan and summers are usually pretty humid.
  5. Seiryu

    Thor wheezing some, URI?

    Hi all, haven't had much time to be on the forums much in a long time! So Thor is about 3.5 years old now. For the past month or so, he is either wheezing or breathing heavily. It's not constant, but enough. I was thinking URI, but I see no discharge in his nose (it's actually quite clear...
  6. Seiryu

    Sad, sad Redfoot ad - Capac, MI severe MBD

    It is gone now. But I think they still have it considering they said "MY tortoise is healthy". Obviously it isn't. I have their name and city, really contemplating doing something.
  7. Seiryu

    Sad, sad Redfoot ad - Capac, MI severe MBD

    Long time no see all. I saw this on craigslist too and e-mailed the person (more or less correcting things). They said "F*** you. My tortoise is very healthy. Email me again and I will file harassment charges." Wish you could do something about this animal abuse.
  8. Seiryu

    My Little Sif - Not so little anymore!

    Thanks guys. She is an amazing tort. Although right now she is looking more male. But don't tell her that :P. And Tom, thanks to your great advice almost a year ago now I was able to help her shell grow smooth. I will say to those who are new and are striving for smooth growth...
  9. Seiryu

    My Little Sif - Not so little anymore!

    Hi all. Haven't posted in many, many months. Things have been pretty busy here. Just wanted to post some pics of my little Sif. She's about 14 months old now. I got her when she was 4-5 months old. First day, getting a soak after being shipped. Also first day checking out her...
  10. Seiryu

    Thriving VS. Surviving

    GB - I totally agree with trying to give them a more natural environment, giving them foods that they see in their area and trying to let them be the judge on how much they eat by letting them graze themselves. However, I don't agree that overfeeding always contributes to bumpy shells. Look at...
  11. Seiryu

    updated pics and growth chart of 1 yr old leopards

    So they are about 14-16 months old now? As far as overeating I'm not sure. Did you spray their shells daily from the day you got them? Humid hide, etc? My Sif weighs about 150g (Babcocki) and her shell is almost 100% smooth. She is exactly 12 months old. Very good chart though. I...
  12. Seiryu

    Mega Ray bulb's

    Good to hear that it worked out!
  13. Seiryu

    soaking location

    When I spray my Leopards shells they don't "take off and run" or breathe heavily. But the water on the face is fine. They stick their heads in the water almost fully sometimes to drink, spraying is really no different.
  14. Seiryu

    The sickness/illness/unwellness thread

    Yes, but you mix it with water as well. I think a 50/50 Babyfood/water ratio is what most use. When the tortoise drinks, it gets some of the nutrients from the babyfood.
  15. Seiryu

    RV has an open sore

    I'm not sure what the "best" treatment is. But you can definitely put a triple anti-biotic like neosporin on the cut area. Hopefully someone will tell you how to further treat it. No idea on wanting out of the yard. Has she ever been on the other side? Can she see out? Tortoises are...
  16. Seiryu

    What Is unique about my Tort(s)

    I thought it WAS the owner who actually did it? I might be mistaken though. Either way there sure is a lot on there. Hopefully it wears off fast!
  17. Seiryu

    New outdoor enclosure questions

    If they are small, yes 8x8 is a good space for them. As far as the tree goes, you could always block off the tree from them. By lining it with like cement blocks or some type of barrier. Redfoots will like to get some sun out there, but the tree would be good too for a lot of shade. You...
  18. Seiryu

    Mega Ray bulb's

    He already lowered it to even 8" to get the correct basking spot which is too close anyways. My only guess is the ambient room temperature is very cool (65-68) which is too cold for a tortoise anyways.
  19. Seiryu

    Problems growing food

    I am not sure either how to get rid of them. The problems I had with growing grasses/weeds in trays were they eventually started dying off because the tray was not deep enough. I then started using 6-8" deep containers, and it works great. The only thing I can think of, is to grow them...
  20. Seiryu

    Mega Ray bulb's

    No problem. Well, now you know to get the 160 watt bulb next time haha!