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    Noise at night

    Hey everyone, I've noticed for the last week or so my 11 month old baby tortoise makes noise at night. Especially at the beginning when I turn off the light. After he does a few times, he then stops for the rest of the night. He doesn't make these noises during the day or anything. He's...
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    How to feed calcium to juvenile red foot tortoise

    I always put calcium and d3 in his food but I don't know if he's abosorbing enough of it or eating enough of it. What's the best way to give it calcium and d3 to him? Thanks
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    How to give juvenile red foot tortoise uvb lighting

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how am I supposed to give my red foot tortoise the proper uvb lighting, if its hiding in his hide for 12 hours?
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    Humidity tips & tricks

    Anyone know any tips or tricks to keep the humidity high in a terrarium for red foot tortoises. Thank you
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    Ashy head

    The temperature is around 82° to 86°F during the day and at night it drops to 72°F, I used Celcius at first and I converted it to Fahrenheit for a better understanding. But thanks for the humidity tip, that's where I think the problem is as well but it's fixable.
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    Ashy head

    So it's a terrarium for now but it's a really big one 46 by 18 by 18. My red foot tortoise is a small little guy right now just about three inches. I have a 50 watt basking light, 6400 V uvb florescent tube light and a black night light to keep it warm at night because I live in Canada and it...
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    Ashy head

    Hello everyone, I have a 6 Month baby red foot tortoise, his head seems to be ashy and seems to be shedding off a few scales. Do I have anything to be worried about?
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    Signs of stress in a Juvenile Red foot tortoise

    Oh okay that's good, but I am asking for like physical signs of stress excluding hiding in the shell. I should have been more specific, sorry.
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    Signs of stress in a Juvenile Red foot tortoise

    Hey Everyone, I was just wondering what are signs of stress in juvenile red foot tortoise? Other then hiding in its shell
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    Lowest temperature

    Hey Everyone, This is just a random question I was wondering about. What's the lowest temperature a Red Foot tortoise can survive in?
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    Tube lighting

    Hey everyone, I have a indoor terrarium/habitat for a juvenile red foot tortoise. I have a 6400v tube for uvb on top of the terrarium, I was wondering if that's too much? Also if a florescent tube is good or a light bulb or if it doesn't matter?
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    How to increase humidity?

    Thanks, will invest into one right away!
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    How to increase humidity?

    Hey everyone, This is a basic question with many different answers to. But I have a 6 Month Red Foot Tortoise that I got just a few days ago and his terrarium humidity index ranges from 50% to 65% in the middle of the terrarium. I have misted but it doesn't go up by that much. What else can I...
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    Best plant to grow in Red Foot Tortoise's terrarium?

    Hey just wondering what is a somewhat quick and easy plant to grow in my Tortoise's terrarium?