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  1. bikerchicspain

    New start

    :) Hi guys i am back, I have turned my life upside down and inside out and decided to start afresh, New job, New friends more torts geckos loose in every room to kill any insect, 3 metre long Iguanas (two being very aggressive), Unfortunately for me i no longer work in a petshop, Sad about...
  2. bikerchicspain

    Reptiles and Salmonella

    I am constantly handling tortoise and never have i had a problem, Also i dont know any reptile enthusiast that gotten ill through their reps.
  3. bikerchicspain

    what plant is this?

    It looks like some sort of succulent plant, the ones that have little flowers, blue, pink, yellow etc, but not entirely sure
  4. bikerchicspain

    Lonesome George's Death

    RE: Sad sad day! Me too,although during these past few months whilst ive been away from the forum i have lost one, and rescued others and rehomed them.
  5. bikerchicspain

    Lonesome George's Death

    Sad sad day! Hi guys im back to haunt you all again :P Found this article today and i thought i needed to share...
  6. bikerchicspain

    Is this clover or oxalis?

    bugger. i will have to go and pull them up now.:(:(
  7. bikerchicspain

    Is this clover or oxalis?

    Okay so it's an old thread my clover has yellow flowers is it safe for my torts?
  8. bikerchicspain


    I will see if it can be recorded. And post it.[hr] Sorry it's the 6th of April here in Spain not the 5 th lol silly me...
  9. bikerchicspain

    I don't like this:( Do you??

    I at this moment in time cannot see that much of a problem, rodent lovers, they have to put up with them being cross bred and tested in labs, trying to make a new species would make a very interesting subject, this will determine how the animal reacts differently to their ancestors, what sort of...
  10. bikerchicspain


    Okay guys I know it's in the wrong section but hey what the heck... Sorry I've not been on for a while, But i finally resigned from my job because I wasn't aloud to look after the reptiles or even have them in adequate conditions.. 10 years down the drain! I now work at a veterinary clinic and...
  11. bikerchicspain

    My leopards ear is red.

    A picture would be great, to rule out any injury that can cause an abscess.
  12. bikerchicspain

    Pooping problem?

    Are you sure it wasn't his pene, Just because he doesn't always poop when you bathe him, doesn't mean he is not pooping.
  13. bikerchicspain


    Ok so this is my Facebook and twitter page, feel free to post anything to do with reps Reptilian World
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    Congratulations are in order. Xx
  15. bikerchicspain

    Is this an abscess?

    It could very well be an abcess if the turt has had some sort of injury, I would put a syringe init to see if anything came out, but if you do not have the experience take you turt to the vet..
  16. bikerchicspain

    Redfoot health advice

    I would keep a very close eye on her, she could be over stressed from the journey, if you are really concerned take her to a vet ( rep vet)..
  17. bikerchicspain

    Male or female?

    Lol, that happened to me with a Hermanni. Now I have to try and find a female that isn't going to cost me 500 euros...
  18. bikerchicspain


    Oh!!! I want one, wish I live nearer to you.. I have always wanted one of the stars
  19. bikerchicspain

    Male or female?

    I take it he is a Russian? He looks like a he to me, has he got a hook at the end of his tail?