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    Is this comercial food good?

    So I bought a tortoise food but it says it has proteins. The food are called herbivor loops
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    Hello my tortoise was inactive today it’s winter but he was very active yesterday and he woke up earlier than me idk and he has a strange position when bathing
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    Spot Cleaning

    I don’t rll dpot clean them bc my tortoise will only poop when is bath time
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    Hibernation Question

    u can use cocofiber or a VERY good soil quality
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    When i was a kid i thought marbles had thootpaste inside
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    Tortoise age

    i got him from a pet store he looked healthy i had em for only a week he does eat but he leaves a half of it , he drinks from soaking, pee. he does pee somethimes but its white the poop is brown and green and solid poop looks ok. he eats only letucce cabbage,carrots, and food diets i use...
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    enclosure size (temporary) well for 7 months

    hello my tortoise live in a 14 gallon tank (temporary) but he is very inactive even if i put him in a bigger space he will not move and just sleep but i think he is just hibernating in the winter when spring or summer comes imma move him to a bigger place so i can see if he is active
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    Inactive tortoise

    is he rubs hes eyes it must be a infection or blindness
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    Tortoise age

    Hi guys I have a Russian tortoise but idk what age is he can u help me? Oh and is he healthy ty
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    How to stop tortoises eating their own poop

    thats normal bc they take the chance to get more vitamins etc
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    Tortoise died while pooping?

    i reccomend separating tortoises bc if one has a infection it can transfer to the other tortoise
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    URGENT!! Sick Sulcata Baby.. :(

    i dont reccomend hay bc my tortoise got hay stuck on hes eye
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    Where to buy a healthy Redfoot?

    buy them online or from a near breeder
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    Is this a leopard or a sulcata? Please help

    whats wrong with the eye? he might got a eye injury on the grass so u need to go 2 the vet or just give them eye drops and soak it every day i found a tortoise on the street so i decided to adopt it he had eye injury so i did what i said and he is healed
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    my tortoise wont drink ANY water

    your russian tortoise can drink from their bum sometimes when soaking so soak him/her everyday i do this to my tortoise
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    Can Sulcatas eat horse apples?

    thx but can russian tortts eat fruits like dragon fruit
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    Can Sulcatas eat horse apples?

    hmm all over yt they feed fruits hmmm
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    Can Sulcatas eat horse apples?

    i think they can eat grapes,strawberries and watermelon i think those are the fruits they can eat prob
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    tortoise not coming out of shell

    oh thx it was only a minor injury i bought cypress he is cured now he only needed to rest 2 days and putting him in the water ty
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    my russian tortoise is pulling his head in and out

    is it normal? he doesent have a female to mate