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    Can poor care stunt the growth of a Russian tortoise?

    Hi! I have a Russian tortoise named Hermes. Hermie was kept with a group of torts and kinda suffered for it, he was calcium deficient to the point of severe weakness in he back legs along with a few other things. He’s been home almost 6 months and has since been doing really well! He’s just...
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    What type of heat bulb do you use? Mine keeps going out!

    Hi all! I’ve been going through heat bulbs like crazy. They only seem to last a month or less. Is that normal? I usually use a zoo Med heat bulb but I’m not sure if that’s the best choice anymore. Could I be doing something wrong? Any advice is much appreciated!
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    Moving with a Russian tort, any tips? I don’t want to stress him!

    Hi everyone! Currently my Hermie is at my parents but in the next two months I’m moving out and taking him with! He has a tortoise table that will be coming with and we’re moving 20 minutes away. Does anyone know if they react similarly to when they first get home and may not eat/be comfy or...
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    1 month with Hermie celebration!

    Hermie has a big few days! Yesterday marked his one month with us and today he got a hibiscus which he loved! I got the best photos of him with it all over his face! (Normally I wouldn’t celebrate so much for one month I know it’s sorta lame and over the top but I lost my first little dude three...
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    Weeds for Hermie ID! Thank you!

    Hi all! We have these weeds in our front yard and I keep trying to use the plant photo apps and it just isn’t working. Hermie absolutely loves being outside, running, climbing and especially grazing. He’s a Russian tort! Would anyone be able to help me ID these so I can pull them if needed...
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    We lost our last one and now I’m crazy anxious about hurting our new one, any advice?

    So I got Theo end of March and he passed a little over a week ago after having him less than 4 weeks. I was devastated. I had been really struggling and picked him up to help with my depression during the quarantine. Turns out he had a parasite from when we got him and I was told it was nothing...
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    Can tortoises over eat/get fat?

    *can tortoises over eat and get fat?* Hi all! We have a debate rn in my family and I need some help! I got Theo almost two weeks ago and he’s been doing great especially with food. He’s sorta picky about the what but once it’s something he likes he’ll literally just keep on eating. My mom says...
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    Gross poop question sorry!

    It totally could! I found him at a pet store and after watching him for a week and I loved him so much I wound up getting him. I’ve only had him about a week and a half and I’m sure he wasn’t taken care of. They said 5 month old male.... at 269 grams he’s a full grown SHE so I doubt there was...
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    Gross poop question sorry!

    Totally spaced about putting that so sorry!! He’s a Russian tortoise and I’ve had him less than two weeks. Our guess is an adult but not totally sure. He gets different types of lettuce right now as we don’t have safe weeds and two days ago he got a viola as a treat
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    Gross poop question sorry!

    Gross question sorry!! So my guy has been pooping like a ton lol. Multiple times almost every time I get him out and today it was just a ton. I didn’t even soak him but he kept pooping and I think he finally peed? Some of it was kinda stringy, could he be eating the coconut fiber? He just...
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    Russian tortoise PNW weeds?

    Hi all! My Theo (Russian tort) is doing great so far! Sadly he’s a little obsessed with the lighter leaf lettuce I got him (it’s a romaine) so I found a garden group in Seattle and asked people with untreated yards for weeds! We have two dogs and our HOA treats the front usually so ours doesn’t...
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    Indent on his head is it normal?

    Will do! I’ve been soaking him every other day but I can do it more often for sure! We got him from a pet store/rescue thing (not a ton of options where I’m at sadly) they said he’s a 4 month old male but.... everyone’s saying probably a 5 year old female so I’m not sure. I want to take him to a...
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    Indent on his head is it normal?

    I’ve noticed these indents on Theos head on both sides. I tried to circle it in one of the pictures. Is it normal? I just got him on Tuesday
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    Theo got another soak today and was photo ready during his lunch! Got him this week and I’m in love!

    Soaked him for the second time, he loves the water and he loves running around afterwards even more! He’s stuck on romaine and red leaf lettuce but he’s got quite a few dark leafy greens mixed in too! After he ran around he pushed his bedding up in the corner to make a nice little pillow for a...
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    New friend today! Any advice?

    I’m so so excited!! I got my guy today! They’re thinking he’s pretty young 3-4 month and a Russian tortoise!! Any tips or advice is appreciated, I’m a first time tortoise mom and I’m nervous but excited! Can I put the heat lamp directly on the metal mesh top of the enclosure? Also I’m thinking...
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    What exactly to feed Russian tortoise- supplements and needed nuitrition?

    Getting my Russian tortoise tomorrow!! So sorry I’m asking so many questions but I don’t want to hurt him or anything. I made a mix of Russian tortoise approved green veggies to offer him daily plus a feed in moderation food to encourage him a little in his new home over the coming weeks. I’m...
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    Would glass tank set up work if you put something around it like a wallpaper?

    This is a totally ignorant curiosity based question, I’m new to this and I didn’t know!! I read glass tanks aren’t great for them because of lots of reasons like the heat and that they’ll hurt themselves if they can see out. Would putting a dark paper/wallpaper around the outside of 3/4 sides...
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    First time set up walk through, any help much appreciated!!

    Hi everyone! I have a few more questions about setting up for my little guy before I get him! The rescue in my area gives you info on how to start a home for them but I don’t think it’s stuff for them to actually thrive. These are super basic questions sorry!! I’m just wanting to make sure he...
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    Best set up, a few questions

    Hi! I just got his home and am starting to set it based on what the rescue I’m going through says for their testudo tortoises but I have a few simple questions I’ve googled but have anxiety about so I want to check!! I’m more than able to get whatever is best, I just want his home to be the best...
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    Best tortoise set up for a new friend!!

    Hi all! I'm really excited, after years of wanting a turtle/tortoise I'm finally in a place where I can! I've been really struggling with my mental health and the quarantine is starting to really get to me so I think getting a new friend would be perfect! I've done a bunch of research but I tend...