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    Personality of Leopard

    I am confused on this site anymore. I can't get to it online and the app is waaayyyy different and weird to use. Can someone private message me to explain a little bit about the changes this site apparently went through
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    Daily activity

    Mines been under brush and such for the last two weeks. Comes out and eats for a couple hours then right back into his little dug out resting spot. Looks fine to me Also, depending on how long she has been awake now, sometimes they can stay a little sluggish for a few weeks until they really...
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    Interesting question (perhaps) ?

    Very interesting. I believe there are still some beneficial nutrients in there. Of course, I am as Tom pointed out, referring to adding it into greens/weeds/etc just so the at least some of the pulp doesnt go to waste. I would never even consider making that my torts staple food or anything...
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    Interesting question (perhaps) ?

    I juice daily, and today thought about this and wanted to get some thoughts and opinions. The pulp that is left over from juicing fruits and veggies (obviously leaving out the fruits and talking about the greens here), even though it is "dehydrated" to a certain degree, what are your thoughts on...
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    I should have worded that more delicately. Most of everything that is going on is chronic, but fixable. It all begins with getting him into the proper environment and micro-environment, everything will eventually fall into place once that is established.
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    As you can see, he is in a little bit of rough shape. Some things arent going to go away and all we can do is manage it. Other than how he looks, he has horrible diarrhea, horribly dehydrated, very mal-nutritioned, etc. I have the people that rescued him soaking him daily and getting him some...
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    Thanks. I will see if I can post a couple pics of him
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    Well, soon I will be coming into a horribly neglected DT. He is known to be at least 10 years old and is about twice the size of my "Cooter". He was living in a 5 gallon aquarium with no heat, no lighting and fed lettuce and no bedding. There are a plethora of stuff going on with him both...
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    Just wondering (about hibernation)

    I fully see and understand that and makes sense. Thank you for the response Tom. I just wanted to go on record as saying, obviously any reptile we own is most likely not fully natural. I guess what I am referring to is the basics like photoperiod change, weather change causing them to want to...
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    Just wondering (about hibernation)

    Thanks for the responses!! Seems to me that natural would be better, but thats just how my head works. I am in absolute no way knocking anybody who places their DT's in brumation then waking them up. I guess my question is (and thought) isnt the potential there for getting them out of whack...
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    Just wondering (about hibernation)

    Reading many threads, not only here, but on my local reptile forum and others here and there on DT brumation, is there a true best or better way to brumate our DT's? Meaning, in my opinion, I believe all natural is best. Let them slow down and stop eating on there own, let them "go down" on...
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    Hibernation in Phoenix AZ area

    My DT "Cooter" has had an off winter as well due to the odd lengthy warm weather overall this winter. He woke up a little bit in December, a week or two in January and has been in and out all of February.
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    DT brumaters thread 2013-2014

    Why not just let them wake up and come out on their own?
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    Salad Dressing for the Picky Tortoise!

    I try not to eat things with ingredients I cant very easily pronounce or thats part of everyday food conversation, so I try to do the same for my animals. Also, I am a little weird about Sucrose and it being the second ingredient in this dressing. I suppose it would be pretty decent if its not...
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    The joys of living in

    Yeah, I hate the heat but just never mustered up the true will or energy to move. It's great tortoise weather and my yearly weeds and grass have been coming in beautifully all winter so Cooter has come out to snack periodically. He never went into full brumation this winter. Of course, there...
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    The joys of living in

    I hate the heat, but I suppose I will take 85-90 and clear, sunny weather over what most of the country has been experiencing !!!
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    The joys of living in

    Arizona. Last week it was like winter in Seattle. It was in the 50's and low 60's all week. This week it's expected to hit 90 and been in the mid to upper 80's all week. A couple weeks ago, Cooter was out and about for a little part of the day. Then the last couple weeks it was cold and he was...
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    Our male desert tortoise is showing female behavior???

    I am assuming you took him to Todd Driggers ?
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    Little tease !!!

    True. I used to have a leopard and sulcata which was nice for the winter months