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    A question about chicken feed

    This stuff is also great for feeding your feeder cockroaches, they love it. And any other feeder insect.
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    My hollyhock babies are taking a beating

    I have not grown or have experience with Hollyhock. However, this may be Hollyhock rust and a little bit of reading sounds like it can be a pain in the butt fungus to deal with. Most of the pictures online show more advanced "rust," which is caused by a fungus. This does look like the...
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    Is this a hermann?

    Yes, that is an Eastern Hermann's and does appear to be male. A side shot of the tail may help, but it does appear possibly the horn found on the mail tail is missing. Hard to tell from the pictures.
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    Hatchling Selection

    Tough choice. They are all pretty similar. You will win with which ever one, but I am with @wellington for choices.
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    Good outcome for good folks

    You know two Leif's, not that common of a name. Surprised. "Life" is the German pronunciation I believe. Forgot to list that one. The reason I asked is we named our son Leif (Leaf). We debated to go with the English pronunciation or a Nordic pronunciation. We went with the English version...
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    Sometimes I cannot see pictures on some posts :( I do not know why.
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    Good outcome for good folks

    @jeff kushner - curious how Leif pronounces his name? Like Leaf, Layf, Layif,....?
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    Neem oil on edible plants

    Roses can take a pretty harsh cut back if needed, but typically cutting them back by 1/3 is the rule. You can technically trim at any time but it is best to do late winter before the spring flush and for your area, again in late summer before the fall flush. For me in Southeast Texas that is...
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    Neem oil on edible plants

    I suspected that spot because that would be the area with the least sunlight, least airflow, and would be most likely to trap humidity. Perfect environment for pests, fungus, and other diseases. If you increased airflow or reduced humidity, it would improve the area. I know you do not live in...
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    Neem oil on edible plants

    Yeah, finches more than likely won't bother.
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    HELP! Basking bulb issue.

    They say the following are not banned, so maybe they will just be fewer and more expensive. However, not gone. Not banned: Black lights, bug lamps, colored lamps, infrared lamps, plant lights, flood lights, reflector lamps and traffic signals are not included in the ban, according to the DOE.
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    Neem oil on edible plants

    @SinLA - yours look pretty good. Is most of the aphid issue on the side of the fence and possibly closer to the bottom? The pictures you sent me appear to be whitefly, instead of aphids, causing that. I still get some mealy bug and aphids, I wouldn't say mine are 100% pest free, but they are...
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    Neem oil on edible plants

    I have several types of hibiscus and from my experience, found that bug infested hibiscus is usually due to a stressed plant. (same for most of my plants) If you correct why the plant is stressed, you can cut it back to get ahead of the insects and new growth should be fast and but free...
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    HELP! Basking bulb issue.

    Amazon has them. There are several to choose from but stock is low. If you don't mind them taking up the space, can always load up.
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    "Lizard" questions

    It really depends on the lizard. They go from basic/dumb (Anole), to fairly intelligent (Varanids). 1) depends, most will stop. Get full enough that they would let their prey chew on them if you leave the prey inside the enclosure with not food for them. 2) Most do not, but Leopard Geckos...
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    Strange excretion from Hermann tortoise

    That appears to be a Russian and not a Hermann's. In addition to wellington, here is a good link to read compiled by Tom on the forum. It is a good place to start.
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    Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Tortoise?

    Sous Valley Greek tortoise: Testudo graeca soussensis lack spurs. This is my guess, I am not the expert though.
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    Hurricane, anyone??? Hey Tom...!

    Hurricane Katrina and Rita both didn't hit Houston. We still ran out of gas and grocery stores were empty due to evacuations. Hurricane Ida didn't hit Houston but we lost power for 7 hours in the heat of the summer during the day due to damage in Louisiana. The damage/impacts are wide spread...
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    Hurricane, anyone??? Hey Tom...!

    Sometimes tropical storms are worse than hurricanes. The ratings are based on wind speed alone, but the real damaging factors in most cases is much more than the wind. The speed of the storm, amount of rain, tornado spinoff, etc. I been through a few storms, I think what will help LA is the...
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    Hurricane, anyone??? Hey Tom...!

    Fill up your gas tanks, get cash, buy bottle water, and get some foods that don't spoil outside the fridge. I been through plenty of storms and you just never know. Sometimes tropical storms are worse than Cat 1 Hurricanes. Wind speeds are something, but the amount of rain is going to be the...