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    looking to adopt a tortoise

    Hi I'm looking to adopt a sulcata or Russian I was close to adopting but it didn't work out I'm here again looking.I have a large yard and a forever home please email me if yours needs a home [email protected]
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    wanting to adopt tortoise

    hi...still no luck with adopting a russian tortoise or sulcata tortoise : (... so im posting in the wanted ad.. if you are looking to re home your tortoise please contact me by [email protected].. i have a great yard for them ..a forever actually looking to adopt any kind of...
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    tortoise wanted

    I am in California....
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    tortoise wanted

    hello!!! I've done lots of research and I'm looking to adopt a tortoise..I would love to adopt a sulcata and I'm also interested in a Russian...I would rather adopt one first before I even consider buying one..this site has alot of info ...I hope someone can help me out ..I can give a tortoise...
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    tortoise wanted

    Hello!!! I've been researching a lot and I want to adopt a tortoise...I'm really hoping to adopt a sulcata or a Russian..I want to adopt before I consider buying...Ive been reading that many sulcatas need homes...please email me if you can help me out I have a big yard also ...