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    Brown cherry hatchling

    It will eventually darken up. The group we work with throws a few of these a year. By the time they hit 4" there will only be a slight difference between siblings. Usually by 5", you would never be able to tell who hatched out that light. Just like with any Tortoise, the more you keep them...
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    Recognize name.

    They can be trained to respond to sound. Matter of fact, most Reptiles can be trained to respond or do specific behaviors to specific sounds.
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    4-6" Venezuelan Redfoot Tortoises - Chelonoidis Carbonaria

    4-6" Venezuelan Redfoot Tortoises - Chelonoidis Carbonaria Farmed animals from Venezuela. Feeding and doing very well. These are the animals others market as "clown face" or other trade names. Priced at $120 each, plus shipping. We can give a best guess on sex, but it is not guaranteed. If...
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    Mixing breed frowned upon?

    Well, you can start with Aspidites Ramsayi/Python Regius Hybrids, or Aspidites Ramsayi/Morelia Spilota SSP. Since we are on a Chelonian forum, how about Cuora Serrata? Which is a wild hybrid of Cuora/Pyxidea Mohoutii and Cuora Galbinifrons. Oh, what about Mauremys Ivernsoni, a hybrid of Cuora...
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    Mixing breed frowned upon?

    Ever watch Jurassic Park? Everything you have posted does not hold true for 98% of Reptile hybrids man has created...
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    Hovabator Genesis

    Take the fan out. Don't use it. It is not needed for a small incubator...
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    plugging older hovabator to digital thermostat

    For something like a hovabator, we always use Ranco Thermostats which are heavy duty as far as typical thermostats go. Proportional Thermostats do not pair well with something like a hovabator. Proportionals would work best on newer technology. With that said, all you have to do is turn the...
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    Hovabator Genesis

    The fan is a huge concern, especially in a hovabator, but not for the reasons your thinking of. Fans are suited very large incubators. In a small incubator it is no different than a jerky maker. Hovabators are made for Bird eggs, not Reptiles. Just keep that in mind.
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    4-5" Indian Star Tortoise Pairs - Geochelone Elegans -

    Farm raised European Imports. Feeding and doing very well. Prices are as follows - Pairs - $1200 Single Males - $400 Single Females $800 Prices are firm. No, we will not sell a Female for anything less than $800. If interested, please email us at [email protected]...
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    Anyone on here keeping big torts in snowy places?

    That is not true at all. There are many different ways to efficiently heat outside enclosures. The typical suggestion of Incandescent lighting or anything that screws into a lamp is very outdated. There are many different ways of utilizing radiant heat using 50%-75% less wattage than a bulb or CHE.
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    Please don't support pet stores that sell wild-caught torts!

    Oh hey, I'm one of those evil Importers that feeds his family of the backs of Tortoises and other animals. I have plenty of unbiased advice and opinions about the trade, and some pictures too. Not a lot though. I do have to keep some things to myself...
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    TFO is flagged from craigslist

    You all are missing the point. Your typical Craigslist "Pet" flagger is your typical AR/Peta type who thinks these animals should be left in the beautiful wilds of this Earth, under blue skies with hearts and butterflies. The types who think People shouldn't own "pets" to begin with, or that a...
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    another baytril thread

    Key words here - "The vet wasn't too sure but concluded" and "Baytril" The two just do not belong together. First and foremost, Baytril is a horrible choice for a anti-biotic. There are so many other choices on the market that Baytril should be phased out and be brought back maybe 20 years down...
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    TFO is flagged from craigslist

    Come on people. Its Craigslist. You can flag anything for any particular reason you feel fit. Some people patrol the Pet section just to flag adds. Personally, Craigslist really is not the venue to be doing community outreach. It's the place to advertise your garage sale or sell a car part that...
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    Indian Star Tortoise

    Let nature take care of it. Females pick their nest spots for a reason, so don't second guess the Tortoises decision.
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    4-5" Indian Star Tortoise Pairs - Geochelone Elegans -

    Update - We have a few pairs left from this group, and another on the way. These will more than likely be the last group offered from us this year - Farm raised European Imports. Feeding and doing very well. Prices are as follows - Pairs - $1200 Single Males - $400 Single...
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    Croc Gets Nailed by Python....BIG lunch

    The Crocodile was 3', and it is an Olive Python which is not going to get much longer than 10'. 8ft. is about average.
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    Do adult redfoots need soaking?

    No, they do not need to be "soaked". Give them an area big enough that they can sit in and that will suffice. They know what water is and how to utilize it, and they don't need to be monitored as long as you are providing the options the animal(s) needs.
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    Cuora Flavomarginate

    Definitely not Flavomarginata. Either Galbinifrons or Picturata...
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    I've become a tortoise mom!

    You are going to have to correct quite a few things with this animal in particular. First would be getting the animal humid and hydrated. Second would be slowing that growth down tremendously and then getting the animal in the correct growth parameters. Accelerated growth is not a bad thing, as...