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  1. Big Ol Tortoise

    Guess who has a new (healthy) baby Bolivian Redfoot??

    These are my Bolivian babies :) I love them soooo much
  2. Big Ol Tortoise

    Baby gulf coast turtle

    I'm lucky if one of box turtles actually eats greens lol. They just like fruits, worms, and basically all types of meat etc
  3. Big Ol Tortoise

    First hibernation

    So I've been feeding them a lot but the male box turtle still feels light. Should I leave him outside? Or keep him outside and keep feeding him? It's gonna be in the 30s tomorrow for a few hours.
  4. Big Ol Tortoise

    First hibernation

    They've been outside since June. I've been feeding them lots of worms as well.
  5. Big Ol Tortoise

    First hibernation

    Hello everybody! I'm wanting to hibernate my box turtles this year. The only problem is I've never hibernated them before. I'd like to know some pointers and a type of soil that is safe for my box turtles. Here's a pic of them
  6. Big Ol Tortoise


    The gulf coast has some shell deformity but he's very active and eats a lot. I have two more babies but I don't have any pictures on my phone so I'll the rest later. The gulf coasts name is stinky, and the 3 toads name is Charles the second.
  7. Big Ol Tortoise

    Meet cotton and valentine!

    I've had these guys for a few months and I finally figured out names for them!
  8. Big Ol Tortoise

    Has this site been hacked?????

    On patrol! Lol
  9. Big Ol Tortoise


    So I finally got a scale so I can record the growth of the Bolivian! I wish I would've gotten the scale a month sooner but oh well. These were taken 5/15/17
  10. Big Ol Tortoise

    Has this site been hacked?????

    There's more btw
  11. Big Ol Tortoise

    New to tortoise forum

    It looks kinda like a desert tort.
  12. Big Ol Tortoise

    Is this normal?

  13. Big Ol Tortoise

    New Bolivians

    Hello everybody. It's been awhile since I've posted or comment, but i have a good reason! I finally got my Bolivian redfoots!! I've had them for over a month now, and I just love them.
  14. Big Ol Tortoise

    Southern Redfoots or Bolvarins

    There's not many breeders in the US. I have 2 Bolivians
  15. Big Ol Tortoise

    Putting rubber bins together

    I've seen people say you can put storage bins together to make a bigger enclosure. How?
  16. Big Ol Tortoise

    If You Own A Box Turtle...

    Yep. MrsTurtle soaks quite often. It really depends on the type of care they're given. They can live anywhere from 50 years all the way to 100 possibly. She's starting to get used to when I wake up cause now she sits next to her food bowl and looks at me wanting food.
  17. Big Ol Tortoise

    ᔕOᖴT ᔕᕼEᒪᒪ

    Probably new growth.