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  1. Radnoisseur

    Bill Zovickian's TRUE Radiated Bloodline

    Thanks for chiming in Dr @zovick Appreciate this history lesson. Hopefully this will be valuable information for those in search of your high quality strains.
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    The Radiated "Tur Toys"

    If you can count the number of times the guy say "Tur Toys"...omg :rolleyes:
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    Bill Zovickian's TRUE Radiated Bloodline

    Tom, you got me! Kind of. I didn't elaborate in the OP about the traveling part because it is assumed that any responsible breeder would card/id the buyer to make sure they are a legal resident of that state. I wouldn't mind flying to Texas to purchase some super high end ones for example and...
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    Bill Zovickian's TRUE Radiated Bloodline

    Hi, I really hope this could be a sticky because I feel it is very important for Rad keepers/breeders/enthusiast who cares about bloodline and quality or about to spend some serious $$$$ on sellers claiming theirs are from Bill's. I've chatted with over a couple dozen keepers/breeders up to...
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    Breeding High Yellow Radiates

    Wonder if you still have this guy? How he looks now would be cool to see 6 years later
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    Our Aldabras, Bigfoot, Littlefoot and Meatball

    OMG this shot is so priceless...
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    Baby radiata enclosure set up

    Wow 3-4” by the end of their 1st year? That’s impressive! Any special boost/Muzuri supplement to their diet other than 90% dark leafy greens?
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    Talk me out of this (or into it!)

    The exact layout in your OP is only $300? Some liners alone cost $300. Quality pumps with UV is about $1000. The giant slate slabs aren't cheap and are HEAVY. I see them priced at $300-$500 each piece at my local stone yard and for that OP post you'll need at least 4-5 of those for the waterfall.
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    Talk me out of this (or into it!)

    I'd say DO IT! Haha Building my entire home + yard next year and I plan to incorporate something very similar to this for my adult Rads. This is very cool and detailed but not budget friendly. My pond guy say something almost identical to this is gonna be around $8K.
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    My radiated tortoises

    Koko looks the most promising. Wonder how she looks like now, a year later :)
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    Love the smile and is the shell waxed? Looks immaculate
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    Multi-Family Mad4Rads Realestate

    Wow can't believe the OP is back in 2018. Planning to redo my enclosure this Summer and looking for some inspiration based on set needs for adult Rads. I like seeing that natural dirt substrate inside. Much easier to clean but looks like it needs to be well elevated. Love this feature...
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    Uvb light recommendation

    Gotcha. Currently where I'm at, late mornings isn't all that hot yet, about 70ish. If I can leave them exposed to full sun while soaking and can monitor that the water is still warm after 20 minutes outside, that is all I need? If I can use natural sunlight 3x a week during my 20+ minute daily...
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    Uvb light recommendation

    Was going to post a simple question relating to this so hope this is okay to piggyback. How accurate is this chart in terms of the PAR rating for baby Rads? I like the idea of having UVB on only 2-3 hours midday as opposed to all day...
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    FOR SALE: Get your Beautiful Radiated Tortoises today : )

    Hi :tort: fans! With a heavy heart, I need to rehome 2 of my youngest Radiated Tortoises. Eats well, very smooth shell and colors are coming in real nice. White growth lines on the carapace and pinkish on the plastron; both signs of slow and healthy growth. Going on a big family trip for 5...
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    Single Tortoise Night Box

    Looks super sturdy. Great job!
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    Best tortoise for southern california?

    If your area is drafty and you are willing to spend, you can always do a 20'x50' full enclosed temp controlled green house and they should be happy 99% of the time based on what the experts here said so far :)
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    Single Tortoise Night Box

    @Tom My yard has no dirt. It is 95% grass and the little dirt area is about 10 sq ft at the area in front of each of my heated houses. There are a ton of local ads that gives away free "clean dirt" from people redoing their landscape or home. They should be tortoise safe yes? How would I be...
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    Single Tortoise Night Box

    I totally ment Cyprus Mulch. Of course not Cedar, a known fact that Cedar and Torts don't mix ;)
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    Single Tortoise Night Box

    Out of curiosity, it is inevitable that tortoises will defecate and urinate in their outdoor heated house; however, have anyone experienced less with certain "substrates"? Which one is easier to clean essentially? Bare wood Bare cement Dirt Cedar Orchid Bark Etc?