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  1. birdandtortoiselover

    Pellet Food??

    Which brand of pellets are you using?
  2. birdandtortoiselover

    A Lost Tortoise Story to Brighten Your Day

    That's wonderful news! Thanks for sharing!
  3. birdandtortoiselover

    Meet Olive and Feta

    Cute names and cute torts! They are still too small to accurately determine if male or female. You should know that keeping tortoises in pairs can sometimes lead to bullying/dominance. How large is their enclosure?
  4. birdandtortoiselover


    I also have a dog named Chewy! He's an english pointer though, so he looks quite different from your Chewy
  5. birdandtortoiselover

    Parrot Behavior & Training

    I have a Quaker parrot!
  6. birdandtortoiselover

    Not eating

    What foods are you offering and how is his enclosure set up?
  7. birdandtortoiselover

    Our Rescue Bearded Dragon

    Poor angel :( it's good he's with such caring people now
  8. birdandtortoiselover

    Gommo eating!

    Great photo! How old/big is he?
  9. birdandtortoiselover

    The busiest mummy ever!!

    Cute! But wow 10 puppies?? Isn't that an unusually high amount for dogs?
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    Very cool, congratulations! :)
  11. birdandtortoiselover


    How did you first get into keeping/breeding Aldabras?
  12. birdandtortoiselover

    Hanging out and celebrating Earth Day with Oliver

    Isn't he a little young to be drinking? :)
  13. birdandtortoiselover

    Spoiled tortoise?

    One thing I love about redfoots is that they have a very varied diet compared to many other species. However, I'm afraid my girl is becoming a little too choosy in regards to what she eats...she used to DEVOUR hibiscus flowers/leaves and dandelion and spring mix etc., but now she'll at most...
  14. birdandtortoiselover

    Admitted to UCSD!!!

    Congratulations! :)
  15. birdandtortoiselover

    Remember him ?

    Lovely tort! It's sad that these beauties are so endangered!
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    You have a pet skunk??
  17. birdandtortoiselover

    Hurry up Grandma! I want my soak now!

    Awww that's too cute, he's so big he gets his own bathtub! :')
  18. birdandtortoiselover

    My tortoise favorite food is poop

    Redfoots certainly have some of the most "interesting" diets of the tortoise species :D
  19. birdandtortoiselover

    Species ID?

    Thank you! And oh okay, thanks for the input! I had been trying to figure out what it could be but knew that when in doubt, someone on the forum can help hahaha