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  1. GotTort

    When do they reach maximum weight?

    Thanks Tom! He’s just at 5 inches. His length has changed slowly over the last year. His weight is still increasing, but at small increments per monthly weigh in. Sounds like he is doing fine.
  2. GotTort

    When do they reach maximum weight?

    I have a 5 yo RT. What should I be seeing in terms of rate of growth (measured by change in weight) at this sprint in his life? Thanks
  3. GotTort

    Jacques, the Eastern Mud Turtle

    Keep us appraised. Best wishes for Jacques.
  4. GotTort

    Arizona Tortoise Compound

    I purchased a Russian hatching from them 5 years ago. He was in great shape and has done well. Andrew from ATC is a good guy. He raises his hatchling outdoors on an appropriate diet.
  5. GotTort

    Are grasshoppers ok for my Russian?

    My Russian tried to eat a mummified dead salamander he found in the yard. I took it away from him.
  6. GotTort

    TTPG Conference

    It was great catching up with everyone
  7. GotTort

    Desert Box Turtles

    @Neal, what are you going to do with the lizards?
  8. GotTort


    Thanks @Neal. Never had any scorpions at our old Phoenix house. Have only seen one so far but that got me thinking. I saw on the internet using glass jars on cribs. Haven't done anything yet and haven't seen more than the scorpion after about a month in this new house. But thanks for the useful...
  9. GotTort


    I've just moved to a new house in Arizona. Have spotted some small scorpions. Do I need to worry about them getting into my Russian's indoor enclosure (it is on a table off the ground). I've heard they can climb up furniture legs.
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    Hello from Lake Havasu, Az

  11. GotTort

    Levi the Leopard turned 5!

    Happy birthday Levi!
  12. GotTort

    Top 3 pellets?

    I grind up the zoomed and sprinkle on greens. Otherwise he won't eat it. Loves mazuri though. I limit the mazuri because he seems to put in weight quickly if I feed mazuri too often.
  13. GotTort

    TTPG Conference - 2016

    It was great meeting you Will. Hopefully we can talk more next year!
  14. GotTort

    TTPG Conference - 2016

    I'll be there!
  15. GotTort

    Hello from AZ!

    Thanks. It's something he did as a baby. Those crazy Russians!
  16. GotTort

    Hello from AZ!

    Welcome. Yes, pictures please.
  17. GotTort

    Grandpa Turtle???

    Happy birthday!
  18. GotTort

    The remarkable effects of "Brackish Water"

    Yes. I currently just have a Russian tort. I've been researching water turtles and fell in love with DBTs. Trying to learn best keeping practices and looking to purchase one.
  19. GotTort

    Introducing Fish

    Now you've ruined Finding Nemo for me!