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  1. Amanda1

    Aldabra in Louisville

    Owner died. Someone please get this guy and take him somewhere warm.
  2. Amanda1

    Inclusion body disease

    Thanks for the link!
  3. Amanda1

    Inclusion body disease

    I took in a rescue king snake last week that the owners didn't want anymore. They told me he was only fed sporadically, and was very hungry whenever offered food. They also sent me records from his last vet visit, where the vet noted that he had neurological issues (he would bite his tail, had...
  4. Amanda1


    Are those box turtles? If so, they are illegal to sell in Indiana...
  5. Amanda1

    How to adopt a tortoise from a rescue

    Thanks for posting this! I manage a website for a rescue and this is a pet peeve of mine! Another big one is "Call me if you get any [insert species here]." I'm really not interested in being a secretary. If you want a very busy volunteer with a full-time job and lots of animals to care for and...
  6. Amanda1

    Kenyan sand boa

    I think she's squeezing out between the panes of glass (not sure though), so a lock may not help. She's escaped twice from that kind of cage, so I'm not risking it again.
  7. Amanda1

    Kenyan sand boa

    This is Snickers, my sand boa. S/he ended up at the rescue I work with about a year ago and I snapped her up. Snickers is an escape artist, but so far the Exo Terra tank seems to be foiling her plans. (I've discovered that anything with sliding doors is a no-go.) I took this picture around...
  8. Amanda1

    Aldabra in Indiana, injured
  9. Amanda1

    Leopard tort housed with redfoot? Ad says "Hello I have a very healthy young leopard tortoise for sale asking 130.00 or best offer paid 200.00 he is about 1 1/2 years old." Pictures show the little guy on dry substrate with a redfoot tortoise.
  10. Amanda1

    Sulcata in Indiana

    Anybody want to rescue this guy?
  11. Amanda1

    RES in Indiana

    From ad: "3 red ear slider turtles, came from florida, very small and wont get any bigger" !!!!
  12. Amanda1

    Lost crested!!!

    Glad you found him! They are very good at hiding, especially the little ones.
  13. Amanda1

    Lost crested!!!

    Oh no! Try putting the food in his enclosure same as always and leaving the door open. Hopefully when he gets hungry he will go to the spot he always gets fed in. I hope you find him!
  14. Amanda1

    Russian tort and box turtle in SE Indiana Both living in the same tank on wood chips. Just sad.
  15. Amanda1

    Two sulcatas, poor conditions

    Poor babies. There was a user named Kristina (I think) that runs a rescue in Michigan. I don't know if she's been on lately, but you could try PMing her.
  16. Amanda1

    Philodendron toxic to tree frogs?

    Not true, since frogs don't eat plants. I've had philodendron in with my tree frogs since I've had them (~2yrs). The leaves are nice and wide, so it makes a great place for them to sleep.
  17. Amanda1

    Yellowfoot tortoise pair in Indiana

    They are no longer available. And if I'm understanding you correctly, you want another tortoise to put in with your box turtle? It's a very bad idea to mix species. Best to let your boxie rule her castle by herself; she may not want to share anyway.
  18. Amanda1

    Wild lizard very hurt

    Most vets will take care of wild animals for free. If you take it in they can euthanize it humanely.
  19. Amanda1

    Crested gecko lighting??

    What are your temps? Cresties do very well at room temperature, so I've never needed anything to heat mine. You need to be very careful if you are heating them, because temperatures above 80 can be deadly. That said, I do have regular light bulbs on my terrariums, but those are for the plants...
  20. Amanda1

    Cabin-fever Aquisitions! & lighting question.

    I would say no to the coil bulb, just to be safe. I'm not sure if they need UV and how much. I would recommend dusting their food with calcium + vitamin D either way.