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  1. DixieParadise

    Dazed and confused

    Thanks I knew there had to be an easy solution.
  2. DixieParadise

    Dazed and confused

    Yesterday I noticed that my oldest RF has started to try and climb out of the outdoor enclosure. I found him/her yesterday upside down and I am afraid they will do this while I am away for extended hours. Any suggestions? The other five are content with staying inside
  3. DixieParadise

    Some yellowfoot love...

    this is Sissy. She didn't like me taking her out of her hide for a picture.
  4. DixieParadise

    Outdoor Cherryhead Questions

    AllegraF is a breeder of RFs and she gave some very sound advice. I just put my yearling Bolivians outside yesterday. I have found that hatchlings or anything under a yr need those constant temps and humidity. I am even bringing mine inside when the night temps fall below 70 for them.
  5. DixieParadise

    A New Update on red foot types

    Hey Kelly. Did I miss your measurement for the Bolivian? My two just turned 1 this month. Finally took them out of their inside enclosure and put them with my Brazillians. Still acting like a nervous mother checking on them every hour. Can't wait until they get bigger so I can put them with my...
  6. DixieParadise

    I can not get rid of the ants!!

    Agree on the food grade d.e. It works wonders in my enclosures
  7. DixieParadise

    Clay bowl like this ok for a water dish

    Yep I even have the smaller ones for feed bowls. They work well for all my tortoises and turtles
  8. DixieParadise

    Diatomaceous Earth?

    Works well in goats and humans, too. Just make sure you get the food grade. I got mine in the gardening area at the local feed store.
  9. DixieParadise

    My Redfoot is Lost in the Backyard and I am worried about night time tempatures

    Happened to me last week with one of my baby Bolivians. Both out in the sun and 10 minutes later could only find one. Hands and knees along every edge you have in the lost area. I panicked too because the temps were dropping that night, but after about 1 hr and 30 feet from last known spot I...
  10. DixieParadise

    Comparison. Really cool!

    Very cute little one. I first thought where are they that they are on white sand, then I enlarged the pictures and realized that they were on a towel. That's what I get for looking at pictures on my phone. EBTs are fantastic looking
  11. DixieParadise

    Look who popped up today

    With crazy weather we are having in Central Texas, I didn't know what was going to happen. Dixie came out Monday and now today with temps in the mid 60's here is Jeter. Weather turning again next week. So, I will have to keep an eye on them to make sure they are deep enough. I might have to...
  12. DixieParadise

    Let's Trade!

    Since nobody else is responding about the law update in LA, these are not turtles. They are tortoises and the law does not apply
  13. DixieParadise

    Box turtle outdoor enclosure

    I have my turtles in the front because the morning sun. They do get leaves in their enclosure but I have not had any problem thus far.
  14. DixieParadise

    Local paper did an article on me!

    Very nice article and very nice picture of you and some if the RFs
  15. DixieParadise

    Black Mountain Burmese

    I am looking for a young sub adult MEP. Anyone out there please PM with any leads. Thank you
  16. DixieParadise

    Red foot eating ?

    agree with everything already posted. Just be will come around. Things to check for: enclosure substrate, heat and lighting. Sometimes when mine are young and new to the group, I place them near the food dish. This might spark them to eat, but don't worry if they turn around and...
  17. DixieParadise

    New To Forum

    Nice picture...welcome to the forum
  18. DixieParadise

    Honu's dislike of greens

    It is funny. Sometimes mine eat them and other times they turn away from them. I sometimes wonder if this is the day they find some other food source in their outdoor enclosure. Just keep providing them. If they are hungry they will eat.
  19. DixieParadise

    Advice please (hibernation)

    That answered my other question about making it too warm. You guys have helped much. I am going to work on some of what all have suggested. Thanks
  20. DixieParadise

    Advice please (hibernation)

    That was my concern when the rain came. I was able to find 3 of them bit the one female who was buried I didn't find until morning in frigid water. I soaked her don't know if that was a good thing or not but I was worried that she would be frozen in the water. I was thinking the tarp over their...